Digital Marketing Course In New Delhi

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Digital Marketing Course In New Delhi

Looking for Digital Marketing Course in New Delhi? You are at right place at right time. This complete article is for you and here how you can learn Digital Marketing and how to get best Digital Marketing course in New Delhi?

Nowa days it is to hard to find any trusted training provider or trusted Digital marketing course in new delhi. Many of institute claims that they are providing best Digital Marketing course in new delhi but in reality they just only explain the theories and never share the secrates. They always keep their secrates as a secrate and only teach you theory.

So here are the solutions how you can fix it up and learn Digital marketing with practical experience.

Best Digital Marketing Course In New Delhi:

If you want to learn digital marketing for freelancing, job purpose or for your own business setup I always suggest you to never go with any kind of professional Digital Marketing training institutes. Because they always share you only theories and old methods. They just have to finish their classes only and took high charges fees for that course. After that you will join internship in any company then you realized that what mistakes you did and why you joined Digital Markeitng institutes. They never share you practical knowledge and charge you high amount as fee.

DigitalAkki is India & US based Information Technology company who is currently dealing in Digital Marketing, Technologies, Blockchain, Machine Learning and Softwares. As a leading company we know the value of Digital marketing and we have also practical experience how to work with digital marketing to get maximum ROI.

We have many clients worldwide and we are providing Digital marketing solutions as a services as well. So we know that which one method will work or which one will not.

You can join our Digital Marketing course in New Delhi – Digital Marketing Master class where you will learn basics to advance online marketing, how it work and how to grow any business using digital marketing.

Why Choose Us as Digital Marketing Course In New Delhi:

With our practical experience here below the reasons why you should choose us as best Digital Marketing course in new delhi:

  • Industry Level Training:

You will get industry level training and complete knowledge of which method is working and which is not. Also you will get many case studies from our clients that will help you to understand how digital marketing works and how to get maximum profit within the budget.

  • Well Experienced trainer:

We never trust on those trainer who never work on the floor. They can not understand the value of workflow and methods. They only have to do one thing just providing training and training. Even they did not ranked a single website in search engine. You can suppose that how those trainer will provide you training.

So we have top quality trainer who are working as Digital Marketing manager and digital marketing head and they know how to work and how to plan everything that will give the maximum results.

  • Affordable Fee Structure:

We have affordable fee structure that can afford by everyone. Our mission is teaching the value of Digital Marketing to everyone. So that every can learn and grow with us.

  • Online Classes:

We provide online classes. You can attend your classes from anywhere with your smartphone or laptop and internet connection. Also you will get access of lifetime recorded videos that will help you to understand anything anytime.

Our Digital Marketing Course In New Delhi Course Module:

Check here our popular course modules:

Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • Types Of Marketing
  • Introduction Of Digital Marketing
  • Choosing Niche to start

Website Design & Development without code

  • Web Design From Scratch – Live & Practical
  • How to Install and Use WordPress
  • How to add chat bot and leads form
  • How to create landing pages
  • How to create responsive website

Social Media Marketing

  • Introducing Social Media Marketing
  • Customer/Buyer Persona & Targetting
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Facebook Marketing (Organic & Paid)
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing (Organic & Paid)
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Retargeting

Search Engine Marketing Or Google Ads

  • Introducing Google Ads
  • Google Ads Account Setup
  • Search, Display, Gmail & Video Ads
  • Recent Campaign case study
  • PPC bidding techniques

Google Analytics or Search Console

  • What is Google Analytics
  • Setup GA with your website
  • How to track and monitor reports
  • What is search console
  • How To use Google Webmaster or search console

Keyowrd Research

  • What is keyword research
  • Advance Keyword Research Strategy
  • How to analyze traffic potential
  • Tools For Keyword Research
  • Content planning for keywords

Search Engine Optimization

  • What is SEO
  • Basics Of SEO
  • Keyword Research & SEO tools
  • On Page SEO
  • Content Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap
  • Off Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Google My Business & Other Listing
  • SEO Audit for clients

Youtube SEO & Video Marketing

  • What is Youtube SEO & Video Marketing
  • How to optimize Youtube Videos
  • Youtube Guidelines
  • Youtube channel Overview
  • How to grow your youtube channel.

Lead Generation

  • What is Lead Generation
  • What is Lead Generation
  • Organic method to lead generation
  • Lead Generation with Marketing Funnels
  • Types of leads – New leads, Working, Nurturing, Unqualified, Qualified
  • How to convert leads into sales

Email Marketing

  • Introducing Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing tools and softwares
  • Ways to collecting emails
  • Email Scrapping from web
  • Importance of Email Marketing


  • What is blogging?
  • How to start a blog? – Blogging setup
  • Blogging tools
  • Drive traffic with paid and free method
  • Monetization strategies

Graphics Designing

  • Introduction
  • Graphics designing tools
  • Getting free HD images
  • Typography and colors

Ways To Make Money Online

  • How to find opportunities
  • What are the easy way to make money online


  • What is freelancing and how to start it.
  • How to work with clients
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Team DigitalAkki

Team DigitalAkki

DigitalAkki is the leading IT company in United State, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada & India providing automation-based online marketing solutions for businesses. Follow our blog to get every latest update from us.

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