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Search engine marketing or SEM is one of the best way to grow your business in competitive marketplace environment. If you are not getting much sales or conversion you want, you should try search engine marketing. Millions of businesses right now using Search engine marketing to grow their sales, leads and conversion in competitive market as well. You can promote your business or your product using search engine marketing.

Search Engine Marketing: Overview

Search engine marketing is the type of marketing where a business using paid ads that appear on search engine result page or SERP. Search engine ads campiagn can be run with Google Ads (Adword), Bing Ads, Yahoo (Gemini) Ads and few others as well. Advertisers bid on keywords that user may enter for search any kind of product and services, and which provide opportunity for their ads to show on results pages for those query.
These ads also known by Pay-per-click ads, available with different formats. Some of them are text based ads and some of them are product ads like e-commerce related ads. Businesses can also run Local listing ads with the help of Google My Business.

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Normally, Search Engine Marketing means paid marketing and Search Engine Optimization refers that businesses do not pay any thing for search engine traffic. Here are the major difference between search engine optimization and search engine marketing:


  • Businesses need to pay search engines to show their ads on search pages.
  • Get instant traffic once campaign approved.
  • Once you spend your all budget the ads campaigns will be offline and no more visible on search result pages.
  • Need skills and experience to run ads for Good conversion.


  • Businesses do not need to pay anything to show their website on search result.
  • It will take some time to rank your website in Search engines.
  • There is no budget kind of things, once your website rank you will get traffic, only you need to maintain ranking.
  • Need skills and experience to rank website with SEO.

Keyword Research: Main Foundation Of SEM

Keyword Research is a most important step when you are planning to launch your campaign. Before getting started with campaign finding best keyword is the most difficult and important part of Search Engine Optimization.

Here are few tools, you may take help for keyword research:

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a free tool for keywords research provided by Google Ads (Adword). You can find Good keywords with Google Keyword Planner, get new keywords with search volume and other data as well to use in your Google ads campaign.

Before setup any campaign find good and suitable keywords for your Search engine marketing campaign. If you are running ads with any kind of bad keywords it will affect directly on your conversion rate.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a paid tool simply made for competitor analysis and keyword research. You can also use Ahrefs to find good keywords for your ads campaign. Ahrefs is an easy to use tool for keyword research and depth analysis. If you have budget to spend on your keyword research you can use Ahrefs as well or you can hire a professional who will perform this for you. You can also contact our team for Keywords research and campaign setup.

3. SEMrush

SEMrush is also a paid tool for SEO and SEM. You can find good and long tail keywords (which may drive good conversion) using SEMrush.

This is also a paid tool so you have to pay for it if you would like to use this tool for keyword research or simply you can contact our team and they will do everything for you to setup your SEM campaign for your business.


This is a freemium tool that is using by users to do keyword research. You can use for keywords research but some of the functions are not available in free option.

You can  use any of above tools to perform keyword research for your Search Engine Marketing campaign.

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