WordPress vs Blogger
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WordPress vs Blogger Which one is best for Blogging

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Hello, Friends welcome back once again on DigitalAkki. Today we talked about WordPress Vs Blogger (Blogspot, Google’s Free Blogging Platform) which one is the best for beginners and why that one is best. We will also discuss features, Pros, and cons of both platforms.

So, first of all, we will discuss Blogger (Blogspot).

WordPress Vs Blogger who and why!

WordPress and Blogger are 2 different platforms for Blogging. One is free and another is freemium. Read the complete review about WordPress Vs Blogger.

Introduction of Blogger (Blogspot):

Blogger (Blogspot) is a Google’s free platform where you can register for free and start your own blog. You can use Yourdomain.blogspot.com for free with Google Blog platform. You can also add your top-level Domain like Yourdomain.com, yourdomain.in, or yourdomain.net if already you have. Also, you can add free SSL certificate with your Blogspot top-level domain.

You can also customize your Blogspot blog with their template. You can download free blogger template from many websites. Also some premium template available for blogger. Blogspot hosting server uptime is 99.9% means your blog never go offline. You can also drive unlimited traffic and Google’s Blogspot hosting can handle your million and billions of traffic.

Is Blogspot SEO Friendly:

This is also a good question. Because if you have ton’s of content but don’t have traffic then it is nothing.

Read More here about On Page and Off Page SEO.

Blogspot is SEO friendly but not so. You have to add many things manually because there is no specific option to your meta tag, alt tag and much more.

If you have basic knowledge of HTML then you can do SEO easily in Blogspot. Because you have to edit your Blog template source code also.

Highlighted Pros and Con’s of Blogger (Blogspot):

  • Free Forever
  • Blogspot can handle million of traffic.
  • Many templates are available for customization.
  • Free SSL.
  • Free .blogspot.com subdomain.
  • 99.9% Server Uptime.
  • Can’t use Plugins like WordPress.
  • SEO is not so easy like WordPress.
  • Adsense Friendly.
  • Google pays less Adsense share then WordPress.

Introduction of WordPress:

WordPress is also a platform like Blogger (Blogspot). First of all, clear your doubt between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. WordPress.com is a Freemium blogger platform like Blogspot. Where you can find many features and 60,000+ free and paid themes. You can start free with .wordpress.com domain otherwise you can choose a premium plan and then you can connect your top level domain.

Where wordpress.org is a CMS (Content management script) which work with your own hosting or server. You can buy hosting from any company available in the market. WordPress CMS is also the best CMS for blogging and business websites.

Hope so now all clear about wordpress.com and wordpress.org and In this post, we are going to know about wordpress.com

Specification & Features of WordPress:

According to me in WordPress, you get many extra features. With the features, you can manage your blog easily. In this, you can add plugins according to your usage. For SEO you can add plugin, You can use cache plugins to improve your site loading speed.

On Page SEO is very easy with WordPress because there you can find amazing plugins for SEO. You can add the meta description, Ranking Keywords and much more in a few clicks Only.

In WordPress free plan these features are not available. Once you upgrade your plan with premium you will get all these features with your premium plan.

How WordPress Help to Grow your Blog:

This is how WordPress can help you to Grow your New Blog.

Everything on Fingertips with plugins:

There are thousands of plugins available in WordPress you can use to improve your blog. You don’t have to edit your blog manually. Just install related plugins and choose the options. Plugin will perform that work you want. On page SEO optimization, Check readability score, manage keywords for your post is very easy in WordPress. That’s why WordPress is popular for Blogging.

Use WordPress Ads with your own ads:

You can double your revenue. You can use WordPress ads network with your Adsense ads and whatever you use on your blog. That will help you to maximize your revenue almost double.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly Themes:

Do you know? If your website is not mobile friendly then your blog never rank on Google and other search engines. WordPress 99% themes are mobile friendly while blogger 70% templates are mobile friendly available on the Internet (Source Wikipedia-2018).

Conclusion (Final Words for WordPress vs Blogger):

Blogger (Blogspot) and WordPress both are different platforms for blogging. Both are Good platform for Blogging but with pros, both have cons also. Blogger is Google Free and open source blogging platform where WordPress is Freemium platform. You can choose any free or paid option in WordPress.

If you are a beginner and you don’t have any money to invest in the blog, you can go with blogger free platform. You can learn their do some practices and then you can go with premium platforms. You can also earn money with Blogger free platform. Just write some content and get some traffic from social media and other social shares platforms then submit an application for Adsense.

Within one or two days Google gives you the approval to show ads on your blog if your content original and quality. Note that Google never provides approval on copied content.

Go For WordPress if you have some budget because it’s easy to do blogging.

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