Zomato Business Model: We all search on Google about Zomato, because in our daily life we all want to eat something delicious but don’t want to go outside from your home at that time we order online like food companies like Zomato.

You are also bored with your old food and are looking for new food. then you should directly on your internet and as soon as you search for food online, you will find a website called Zomato in India at the top.

Zomato Business Model

Favorite food and your favorite restaurants will be seen on Zomato. With a few directions of orders, you can order food online through your phone and Zomato delivers your order to your doorstep shortly after ordering your food.

And while ordering food on Zomato’s website and application, you are facing a dilemma in the choice of a restaurant, you can also check the rating of each restaurant on Zomato to know how the service of this restaurant is, so let’s see below About Zomato’s Business Model. 

What is Zomato?

Today they distribute food in more than 10,000 cities and their business model is so strong, due to which India, Australia, Canada, Newzealand, and many such big countries are currently serving their services in a total of 24 countries.

Zomato is a search engine that allows you to Connects you to your favorite food and finds the best restaurants for you.

History of Zomato

Zomato, who takes the online order and reaches your mind to eat whatever you want. It was discovered in a 2008 interview by IIT graduates Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddha. When Deepinder and Pankaj Ji were asked how this idea came in their minds.

He told that once his friends were asking for the menu of the different restaurants to order food. He thought why not make all these paper menus available digitally in one place so that the front you will not have to go through so many things to enjoy food and it will be simple and easy too. This is how the search for the Zomato app started.

How Zomato Does Works?

Zomato was a food delivery startup, so most of its money is generated by delivery and if you order food, Zomato charges a 7% commission per order from every restaurant that does not add delivery and payment gateway fees but India In many cities of the country, this commission keeps increasing according to the sales

Zomato is an aggregator business model Zomato is an Indian online food company that connects customers to their favorite restaurants and delivers your orders to your doorstep. It was founded in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddha.

 The city that Zomato entered in the initial time, first distributed his business plan, after which Zomato scanned all hotel menus and published it on his application and website, after the restaurant which had interested in his plan.

The hotel ratings were also done by the customer, after this he added many other things in his application, Zomato saw his advantages and challenges together and started to hold his own in the market and learning from the mistakes, he strengthened his business model.

How Zomato Makes Money?


Zomato started by telling his customers to easily search for restaurants and to show the ratings of all types of restaurants and what types of food are present in those restaurants and you would have seen most of the restaurants which have more ratings.

There are great reviews, customers choose the same restaurants because of which they face difficulties in ordering new restaurants, so to overcome this, Zomato started his advertising business in which he is receiving fewer orders.

Gives restaurants the opportunity to run their banner ad, which makes them appear at the top of the restaurant, and sales orders also get started on those restaurants which give them a boost, which is about 50% to 70% of the income through banner ads.


Zomato Membership or Zomato Subscription is also a great source of earnings for Zomato. In this subscription, Zomato charges a certain amount to the customer every month and in return provides those customers with some extra services.

Events Organization

Whenever a festival comes close, like Diwali, Eid, Christmas, etc., Zomato organizes a food event with his restaurant partners and all the people who want to come to this event have to pay the fixed ticket fee according to Zomato And some percentage of every ticket also goes to Zomato

And the people who organize the food are looking for similar opportunities so that their product material also reaches the people and what else could a better platform than Zomato and some percentage of the advertising of every product happening on the event,  And Zomato gets a great benefit from these ads.

Online Food Delivery

When Zomato entered the market at the time, it was a search engine providing restaurant searches and reviews and ratings, and doorstep delivery in India was growing at a time when Zomato also got his hands on it. Try in business

Zomato charges the customer with some delivery charges on every order, some of which he gives to the delivery boy and keeps some percentage with himself. The other earning sources of Zomato are a lot, and one of them is doorstep delivery.

Zomato Consultancy

As you all know, Zomato has a very good analytical tool for restaurants, with the help of which Zomato can tell above every restaurant and every customer about what he likes and whatnot.

In a word, there is a huge database on Zomato which knows both your likes and dislikes in food, so if you are going into the food industry then you can take help of Zomato and take your opinion and make your business more Can increase to the extent

Likewise, Zomato helps every new hotel that comes in the market and takes a certain fee for that help from them and shares its data to the restaurant so that that restaurant can earn like the rest of the restaurant.

Customer Relationship

Zomato trusts the rating of the restaurants being served by the customer and puts the restaurant in the list accordingly and to maintain all these things Zomato periodically.

Provide offers to its customers Refer and Earn and some special promos give code that is given to selected customers so that the customer stays with them.

Zomato’s customer service is 24*7 is available both in chat and call so that whenever you have any problem you can troubleshoot it as soon as possible.

Conclusion: Zomato Business Model

So you must know how Zomato has established and How Zomato holds in the market and how to set up its business, what are the ways in which Zomato earns money, and in what way does Zomato make the most revenue.

Zomato is an Indian online food company that connects customers to their favorite restaurants and delivers your orders to your doorstep. It was founded in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddha.

Zomato’s customer service Medi 24*7 is available both in chat and call so that whenever you have any problem you can troubleshoot it as soon as possible.

It will be said that you should definitely use their service once and take advantage of the offers offered by them and also to reduce your stomach hunger and comment below and tell how you liked the article.

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