Trivago Business Model: we are heard about Trivago but most of the people don’t know about Trivago and how it works? and how it can help us? Today we going to tell you in detail.

Today we will talk about the business model and the case study of TRIVAGO

how Trivago started and how Trivago planned to become a trusted brand in hotel comparison, let’s go

What is Trivago Business Model

Before starting a business, Trivago learned how to capture the market place price of different hotel shops and online websites and how works are done online and offline. How the comparison will be shown to consumers. After understanding the loss and profit of the marketing business, they came online. Trivago developed its business model from comparing the prices to the facility.

How did this Trivago name come to mind

First time when I searched how TRIVAGO name come in Google and visit more than 20 websites and watched many videos. but Everyone had their own theories and point of view about how the name Trivago came. Then I contacted an employee of Trivago and asked him how your company got the name Trivago.

He is very good. He took his time and gave me the answer that I will tell you today.

He said to me that his CEO had told him this story once during the meeting. He said that every employee gives him one word and after combining all the words by the CEO of Trivago. and adding it named the company but you would be surprised to hear that the name was TRAVIGO rather than Trivago and when he went to buy the domain of that name on domain purchasing website, he has seen that domain was sold already and now the owner of that domain is selling at $100.So, Trivago CEOs were not in a position to give at that time and he changed his mind. To buy cheaper domain he gets the suggestion on domain selling website and from that suggestion, thus Trivago named appeared.

How does Trivago help you?

Just like if you are new generation guys, then sure you must have booked the hotel online because people are seen prices high while the facility is normal, Trivago is designed to eliminate the same problem so that the customers can automatically compare the hotel of their choice whether the rooms are easily compared while booking.

But you can book the hotel as per your own wish.

How Trivago makes money

  • Through pay-per-click whenever a customer visits its site and uses Trivago’s affiliate link.
  • Whenever someone Book any hotel or room through Trivago’s website to book the hotel on another website. If it happens, some percentage of the final charge for booking that customer’s hotel goes to if that website makes a profit through Trivago, So nothing of that company goes by paying some percentage commission to Trivago.

Revenue Generate From Hotel Services  

Trivago also charges hotels and rooms on its website to list out and some percentage of the hotel and room is also a source of income of Trivago and the hotels pay them because they have a quantifier. who visits their site every day and Compares the hotels, so all the hotels want to keep that list out on their site so that whoever visits their site can also see the hotels there.

Listing Hotel Booking Website

Trivago hotel booking also takes some commission from different online hotel booking sites by counting the customers redirected from their website every year or every month, Trivago charges something, this is also a way for Trivago companies to earn money.


referral income sometimes goes up to 59% if any customer comes to the website of the service while searching for the hotel.

If a customer calls the hotel through Trivago link or a customer goes to that hotel through Trivago, Trivago will definitely pay some amount from that hotel by adopting the pay-per-click method, mainly Trivago hotels.

And online hotel booking is a means of advertisement for the website and the same benefits Trivago Company and every hotel and every online booking website can decide the amount of every advertisement by setting the amount according to its mind.

Due to which Trivago is progressing day by day and will continue to do so because their business model is very powerful.

Trivago Pros

The use of the advertisement of Trivago is very cutting edge, due to which I make a place in the minds of the people that yes, what the Trivago is saying or showing is the same thing

because it overcomes it in your mind and shows it Through his ad that he is benefiting from what he is saying, not because of which people believe in advertising and they compile the hotel by weathering on Trivago’s website. Trivago has the backing of very big companies, due to which it gives strength to her business and that too because that is the business model of Trivago so strong that every company wants that if it gets a chance.

too Because of the fact that big companies give them funds by investing in the company, and Trivago makes a profit by using them in the right place and keeps giving profits to those who are investing in their company. Goodwell maintains it in the market and attracts other investors to Trivago.

Trivago is spreading its business in the 50 platform which strengthens it. Trivago was discovered in 2005 to strengthen its hold in the market more and more, after which was first launched in Germany in 2006 followed by 2007.

France, reached Italy, Spain, and they’re also strengthened when strengthened many places after this, the company started making profits.

In 2010, Trivago launched its website worldwide How did you get the name of the story above Trivago and Slowly promised it day by day, and today it publishes a list of more than 3 million hotels in 190 countries on its website through which it makes a profit.

Trivago Cons

Trivago focuses only on products in SE and its listings come only from hotels and their rooms, due to which its market area is very small and it starts from the hotel and ends at the hotel and It can also be dangerous for the Trivago going forward.

Trivago has less market share in the entire market, which is less according to its name. Every day, new companies continue to operate, which can be a threat to Trivago further, because every new company wants to spread its brand across a big platform and wants to keep its name within every service category from its customers.

You can go to another company and get their service and Trivago concentrates on only one product, which may be harmful to them.

Conclusion: Trivago Business Model

With this article, we learned what Trivago’s business plan adopts a business strategy and grows his business.

What are the ways in which Trivago makes money in the market and makes money from the market How did this business start 3 friends together make you build such a big company?

I believe that if you have the desire to do something, then you will be successful in creating a great company with walls?

That there is some strength in every company then there are some weaknesses too. Trivago earned through pay-per-click whenever a customer visits its site and uses Trivago’s affiliate link to book any hotel or room through Trivago’s website.

To book the hotel on another website the uses of the advertisement of Trivago is very cutting edge, due to which I make a place in the minds of the people that yes, what the Trivago is saying or showing is the same thing because it overcomes it in your mind and show. Trivago’s business model and its strengths and weaknesses.

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