OLA Business Model: We all search on Google about OLA. Because in our daily life, we need resources to go from one place to another. And OLA online business helps us and our life has become very easy.

In 2010, Ola a company called Ola cabs and started its on-demand taxi service in the business industry by Bhavish Aggarwal. adding a large number of cars and the driver of the cars.

OLA Business Model

Booking started on the basis of on-call service but seeing the increasing demand among its people. It was dropped in the digital world online field and their decision was not proved to be wrong. But their decision benefited the drivers and also Customers, who want to understand the value of their time and arrive on time in which the Ola company and their drivers help them.

Taxi And Carpooling Service

In today’s time, the taxi service has become one of the carpooling rental services. Also become one of the fast-growing businesses, due to which many companies after Ola have come into this business.

For the sake of increasing the price of petrol fuel, people are mostly preferring to take the services of OLA. One of the advantages of this service is that you also get rid of long driving and hail. When Booking a cab and its available to you within 24 hours a day.

OLA Business Model

Ola Application Benefits:-

This is a great way to connect taxi users with the taxi driver, you will get almost all the options that you might need on the Ola application like –

Booking cabs, watching driver details, travel history, tracking the live location of trains, making online payments, all these features are available in one OLA application.

OLA Application For Driver:-

Ola has prepared a separate application for Ola driver in which all the things that a driver needs are to generate the bill. Access the customer’s live location, see the customer’s rating, what will be the customer’s payment mode, Timing to reach the customer, the option of on duty to the driver. All these things are available on the Ola driver’s application, with the help of which an Ola driver can easily manage all these things.

How Do OLA works?

The Ola company got itself into the business market as a taxi service. First, they gathered a group of cars and the driver of the car. After that group gathered, they explained their plan to the drivers and hired them.

Call booking service used to run whenever a customer needed a cab, he used to call the Ola customer executive and send the car to the location mentioned by the Ola customer service, but in 2015, seeing the digital opportunities, Ola also started his business online.

Thought to bring and this decision was proved to be right.

And when Ola came online, it became a medium for connecting drivers and passengers. The base fair comes first in Ola and this base fair varies according to each vehicle but the base fair is fixed on every different vehicle.

Ola’s nothing was going on but he was growing his business using his brand value which he had created some time back and Ola’s business Spread to every city.

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How Ola App Works?

  1. When a user first registers or signs up in the Ola application, after that the user is asked for permission for their location and the Ola application detects the live location of the user through GPS.
  2. After this, to book the Ola cab, you have to choose the car according to your need, in which more cars like mini, micro, prime sedan, rental are available, after that election you have to choose your drop location. After which you will see your bill amount, your hail on your screen.
  3. After which your details will be sent to the driver nearest to your area.
  4. After the driver’s booking accepted, you will see both the details of your Ola cab and the Ola driver details on the mobile screen in a while.
  5. Then Ola drivers will drop you at your drop location after picking you up from your pick up location and many options are given by the Ola app to pay you, such as credit card debit card, Ola Money Cash UPI through all these methods You can pay for your service.

Through this easy way, you can use the Ola application and take advantage of an online taxi facility.

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How OLA Makes Money?

  • Trip or Ride Commission¬†

Ola has some percentage commission account on the online booking received by each of its drivers, in which we searched according to the driver, someone told 15%, someone saw 20% or overall, then Ola deducted 15 to 20% commission on every Ola ride. But this percentage also keeps decreasing according to the car and location.

  • Base Fare The base fair comes first in Ola and this base fair varies according to each vehicle but the base fair is fixed on every different vehicle.
  • Time is taken In Ride – The amount of time it takes to get to the location where you are sitting in the Ola cab and the place where Ola gets from the cab, every second one Ola charges some money, and this also adds to their generated bill.
  • Waiting – In Ola cab, a time is set that as soon as the driver reaches your designated location, your time money will start deducting from that time, after which you will wait for the Ola car for some time, add some Ola charge to your bill.
  • Distance Per Km Charges – From where you sit in the Ola cab and the distance between the place where you will land, Ola charges some money according to every kilometer, which is also added to your bill.
  • Advanced Booking – If you make advance booking of Ola cab according to your requirement, then Ola takes some charge on it too.

Advertisement In OLA Application:-

Ola that you may have seen many application advertisements in you, Show you this live advertisement whenever you are riding in Ola this advertisement gives to Ola the companies that want to sell you their products and attracts you through these advertisements and this is also a revenue making method of Ola.

  • CAB Leasing

Ola is the first to buy vehicles with his money, after which the needy drivers who are not able to buy them get this car provided on EMI, which gives the driver a job and Ola’s commission is also made and Ola It also charges some percentage interest on the car from the driver of the car which leads to a double profit of Ola.

  • Conclusion:-

After seeing all these things, the online Ola company which came in 2015, in 4 years, made its company a high place and made a place in the phone of every person across the country, through which the driver got the job.

The passengers also got the facility of the on-time cab which also attracted the customer to their company. At that time Ola has retained its largest stake in the online taxi service in India with this demand.

The booking service, they made their Business has reached 10 times heights in these 4 years, so if you too have a similar time. 

It was dropped in the digital world online field and their decision was not proved to be wrong, but their decision benefited the drivers but that Customers have also benefited who want to understand the value of their time then you can also use their OLA application.

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