Byju Business Model: We all search on Google about our study related website or app. Than  Byju’s is a platform where teachers can distribute their knowledge and students can transfer their skills to students. Which is invented by Byju Rabindran, this application was created in 2011 under Think and Learn a platform.

You can develop from the knowledge being given by the application and there are a theorem and concept of all kinds of studies available on this application, which you can repeat and try until it fits in your mind.

But mainly  Byju’s application focuses on Math and Science because students are facing the most difficulty in these subjects, so Byju provides more study material on the same subject.

Byju Business Model:

Byju Raveendran is originally an Indian. It is from a very small village in a zip code. You might not have even heard of it before. It is a small coastal village which is present in Kerala. Before the beginning of Byju’s, he was in a UK company.

While working as an engineer, Byju became popular among his friends in the group when he took a shortcut to crack the IIM exam and he easily completed the IIM exam with 100% marks passed.

But later he was not interested in IIM and left IIM and in his mind, he decided to do something big so that all the students can easily crack every exam and get good marks.

Byju Business Model

Byju’s Goals

The first goal of Byju’s is to try to reduce the distance in the education of students of India by becoming a bridge so that more and more children do not turn away from education and get lost in whatever subject.

On Byju’s application, you will find many ways to reach the children like quiz visualization practice and theoretical knowledge, and everything is explained in this application closely and one such special thing is that every time we repeat the video till then We can understand that thing.

Byju’s aim is that trying to reach every child who is motivated to learn, the knowledge that he is looking for, Byju’s target is the student is more to get the number.

Stop beating the rata and take the initiative of learning so that the knowledge learned will work for them throughout their life and after a month the knowledge of learning will get away from them.

Growth Year Of Byju’s 

2012: Entered both Deloitte Technology Fast 50 In India & Deloitte Technology Fast 500 In Asia Pacific ratings

2015: Launch Byju’s learning application officially upon play store.

2016: Awarded Best Self Improvement Application from Google Play Store India

2017: Launched BYJU’S Math App for kids and BYJU’S Parent Connect app to help parents to track their child’s learning course

2017: BYJU’S app became a business case at Harvard Business School

2019: Became the world’s most valuable ed-tech company.

Byju’s Targeted Audience

Byju’s has divided its students separately in the application so that it can target one type of children at a time, even if the student starts from grade-1 or is going to do IS and CAT exams or Be a student taking admission in these courses and Byju’s covers almost every examination.

Whatever the new courses like JEE, NEET, and BITS these days, this topic has covered every topic in a good way so that every stream of Students can get the knowledge they need and they can easily crack these exams.

Byju Business Model

How Does Byju’s Works?

Byju’s application asks the student some questions as soon as the student joins, such as what he is interested in and which subjects are his favorites and which subjects make him nervous, etc.

This question answers this application to answer all these questions after that  Byju’s student gets his service provided for 15 days free so that the child can see if he has any work in this application and when the 15 days free service is over, then if you pay on Byju’s if so, then students get to see many new types of courses related to their studies.

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Workflow: Steps of Byju’s Working

  1. Students are asked to participate in the exams which they used while joining the application and enroll in those courses.
  2. Then many multiple type tests of students are taken so that the student remembers the small answer which is one word and then they are given feedback on how they are performing in the exam.
  3. Now Byju’s Classroom session is also being started, near the center of IIT / IIM children in different cities, but this facility is not available in every city right now, only a few cities like Gurgaon, Noida, Janakpuri, etc. are available. Is going
  4. Once every week there is a class between the teacher and the student in which the student clears all the doubt and the teacher reveals his weakness and strength through multiple tests given by the child so that the student can grow on further studies.
  5. After completion of all these steps, the children are constantly revisited so that the child can master those subjects and brighten their future by achieving better marks.

Why Byju’s Is Successful?

This company is successful because it has given the freedom to the students that children can study whenever they want and can relax their mind by taking rest whenever they want.

By success in the water, Byju has clearly explained in every video how you can understand everything easily and with the help of the application, and also you can know that by participating in their multiple tests at the click of a phone.

How far has the knowledge score reached and the most important thing in this application is that the student can design according to his own pace at which speed he wants to pursue his studies.

Challenges In Free Trial Period

In the free trial period, students are provided limited items by Byju’s application and only a few courses are shown to students that match their interest and their main problem is difficult as soon as the free trial is over and premium dry shops.

To do this, you have to pay ₹ 10000 and then the courses related to your studies are available for you to see and you have to pay about 89% again while renewing the subscription.

How Byju’s is Different from other Application 

Other studies provide students with related videos and applications to provide a video that contains the knowledge given by them.

If you cannot clear your doubt from anyone, if you have any problem then you will have to solve it yourself, but if the student is to read and  Byju’s application is selected.

Then the student is shown his growth chart every week so that the student can understand how much he is going up or down in the studies and in this application, it is provided that the student can dispose of according to his own What speed does he have to take his studies and Byju’s trial gives you a 15-day trial before buying the premium model of this application, which other applications do not give you

Customer Relationship

Customer relationships are described in such a way that a customer relationship between the company and the customer is established when the company meets the customer to improve their experiences and is successful in providing them with the best experience.

Byju’s mobile application makes online connection video calls and calls through connections from her student and periodically takes her feedback on the application and studies to see the user is happy using the application.

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