What Does Seo Stand For : Complete Overview & Guide To Rank in 2020

Are you looking for SEO or what does SEO stand for? In this post, I am going to explain about what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & What Does Seo Stand For? Before let getting start I would like to share a few more things. Now a day people using search engines like Google to find things or stuff they are looking for. No one wanna remember websites, so they go to search engines and put their query. Search Engines answer their query with lots of websites & references.

For example, here I put a query in Google “Digitalakki“, that means I am curious to know more about this keyword. Google shows me some results of the keyword. Google share my website, My Business location & my social media handles as well.

Now I hope you understand how users search for a particular website using search engines.

SEO is also an activity that we do to increase our rank in search engines. SEO stands for (Search Engine Optimization). As the full name, you can guess about it, that is something which we optimize for search engines.

What Does Seo Stand For?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the activity we do to improve our website ranking & gaining more traffic from search engines. Already online businesses like Amazon, Facebook, eBay, AliExpress getting millions of visitors daily to their websites. They almost sell thousands of products daily online.

Search Engines are a very good medium for getting more traffic and increase your sales and customers as well. Once your website ranks for your keywords it will give you more sales and revenue to you.

Most people working on 3 types of SEO one is White Hat SEO, second is Gray Hat SEO, and the third one is Black Hat SEO. Here below I am going to give you a brief about all kinds of SEO.

  • White Hat SEO:

As its name – white hat means totally legit & genuine way. White color denotes Legit so we knew it as White hat SEO. In this, we follow the complete webmaster guideline. It means we only do that kind of activity which is allowed in the webmaster.

You can click here to read Google Webmaster Search Engine Guideline.

We build high-quality backlinks to improve our ranking. We never do such kind of activity like – keyword stuffing, spammy links, automate backlinks & auto-generated content.

White hat SEO takes time but once your website ranks within the top 3 or top 5 results, it will be stable ranking for a long time & your domain trust ratio also will be increased.

  • Black Hat SEO:

This kind of SEO activity does not follow the Google webmaster guideline, So search engines penalize them anytime or they may completely ban your website if you are following this kind of bad practice which falls under Black hat SEO.

Most of the black hat SEO used for event blogging, event traffic & short term projects. Sometimes bad people use black hat SEO for illegal purposes. Google and other search engines update their algorithms from time to time so that they can control over black hat practices.

Keyword stuffing, sneaky redirect, doorway pages, Spam backlinks, automate links or content, low-quality PBN & hidden text from users fall under black hat practices. Make sure to avoid these practices on your website, if you really like to rank for a long time.

  • Gray Hat SEO:

In some term’s we follow webmaster’s guidelines & in some term’s we don’t follow webmaster guidelines, known as Gray hat SEO. It is a middle part of black hat & White hat SEO.

Now a day, peoples normally using gray hat techniques without any kind of challenge. But once search engine releases their new updates, gray hat techniques hit by their algorithms. To recover the ranking & traffic it will take time again once search engine penalizes gray hat.

How SEO helps to Grow Business Online:

Now I think you have complete idea about SEO. Next, I am going to share how SEO helps businesses to grow online. Let suppose I have an Online store with 0 traffic. What should I have to do to grow sales & traffic? There is 2 option to increase your sales & traffic. One is paid ads & another is SEO. If you have a good budget then you can run paid ads but paid ads work only if you have money in your account.

Another option is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Once you rank your pages & websites for your keyword, it will give you free traffic to your store & bring more customers online. SEO takes time but once you rank it will get more customers & visitors for your store.

Mean the sense, SEO takes time but it never needs lots of money, & paid ads don’t take time but it needs money. If you are not good at paid marketing & paid ads, and running paid ads for conversion, it means you are throwing your money into the sea that never gives you output. For startup and small business SEO always help to grow them.

We can also categorize SEO into two parts: 1) On-Page SEO 2)Off-Page SEO. Here below a brief about On-page SEO & Off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO:

We do any activity to improve our SERP (Search Engine Rank Position) within the page known as on-page SEO. For example – Content optimization, Images & videos optimization, Keyword Implementation, Technical Optimization & Interlinking. These activities fall under on-page SEO.

Off-page SEO:

Opposite of On-page if we do any kind of activity out of our webpage known as off-page SEO. For example – Link building, forum posting, article submission, guest blogging, social media sharing & social signals engagement. These activities fall under Off-page SEO.

Paid Ads vs SEO:

For beginners, I never suggest going with paid ads without knowing very well about paid ads. If you are master to run Facebook ads you can run, but if you don’t know pretty much about FB ads, I never suggest to go with it. Because if you are not friendly with paid ads platform, you can’t manage your ROI & it may you will not get any output. Only you throwing your money into the sea and you never let it get back to you.

SEO always takes time and lots of effort too, but once you rank for your keywords it will give you output. So if you are a startup or beginner go with SEO first.

Conclusion: What Does Seo Stand For

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helping businesses and startups a lot to grow their business easily without having too much budget for paid ads. But also it depends on Keywords Research, competition analysis, and many other factors to measure how much time it will take to rank. According to me, beginners never go for high competition. Find low competitive keywords and first of all rank for them. Hire a Good digital marketing agency or freelancer.

SEO takes time and lots of effort also. It will give you a result when you will do it in the right way. So it is most important for you to hire a good agency that can handle your project as well they have experienced also. If you think this post helps you share it with your friends and mates also.

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