Payoneer Review
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Payoneer Review -Payoneer Pros & Cons with complaints

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Hey, guys welcome back once again and this is Ankit. Today I share about my past experiences with Payoneer and Payoneer review. One this I would like to share that is an unbiased review. I completely share what I experienced with Payoneer and it services.

Payoneer review:

Before starting whole things I would like to share about Payoneer. What is Payoneer and where we used it?


Payoneer is a financial services firm that offers online money transfer and digital payment solutions. Account holders may send and receive funds in their bank accounts. Payoneer e-wallet, or on a re-loadable prepaid MasterCard debit card which can be used online or in point-of-sale. The business specializes in facilitating cross-border B2B payments. It gives cross-border trades in over 150 local currencies, using its banking system around the world to produce local bank transfers.

Businesses like Airbnb, Amazon, Google, and Upwork utilize Payoneer to send bulk payouts around the world. It’s also used by eCommerce marketplaces like Envato and others as well.

This Company head office is in New York City. It was founded in 2005. In this post, we will discuss the Payoneer review and its complaint pros and cons as well.

Payoneer Business Usage:


The organization’s services are used by many big players in the eCommerce world, such as Amazon, Google, Airbnb, and up work. If your company needs to send or receive online payments — either domestically or globally — Payoneer’s payment solutions may come in very handy.

Let us be clear from the beginning about one service which Payoneer does not supply before Payoneer review:

The company is a merchant account provider nor a payment service provider (PSP) such as Square or Stripe. While it could be tempting to consider Payoneer as a less-expensive option to a full-service merchant account, it will not work for this purpose normally. Yes, you can accept and make payments through credit card, but the fees for this sort of trade are greater than what most merchant accounts cost. Additionally, the absence of a payment gateway or virtual terminal makes it a bad choice for a high-volume eCommerce company. Payoneer works best for freelancers and companies that frequently work with global clients. It’s also helpful if your organization makes or receives a whole lot of B2B payments.

Even if your company is the type that may benefit from Payoneer’s payment support, there are some significant drawbacks. Additionally, there are numerous hidden fees, such as monthly account inactivity fees should you do not use your accounts. Additionally, we have seen a lot of complaints about poor customer support and lax data security which make us question the overall value and dependability of Payoneer’s service.

Despite these qualms, Payoneer is a popular payment assistance, and it could definitely be an asset to your company under the ideal conditions. We are awarding the company a 4 out of 5 stars evaluation for the time being, as the advantages provided generally outweigh the negative aspects of their services. Keep reading to learn the particulars of Payoneer’s service and what it can do for your company.


  • Payoneer accounts:

Each Payoneer client receives an account which may be used to make and receive payments. It is free to register, and you can do it online. You can make and receive payments through credit card, Though this isn’t a merchant account. Payoneer utilizes an undisclosed processor to process these kinds of transactions.

  • Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard debit card:

Your account also includes a MasterCard debit card, which you can use to make payments once you have transferred sufficient funds to your Payoneer account. While it isn’t a credit card, you will still need to pay a $29.95 annual fee for this card. This fee is on the high side if you use your Payoneer account.

  • Mobile program:

The company provides a free Payoneer program, which is accessible for both iOS and Android. The app enables you to draw funds, view transactions, and to check your account balance. However, it doesn’t include the ability to make payments.

  • ECheck processing:

All Payoneer accounts have eCheck (ACH) processing for both making and receiving payments. There are processing charges while there’s no charge for this service.

  • Online reporting:

As you’d expect, you can log in online to access your Payoneer account. This is where you will go to make payments and move funds that are obtained to your bank accounts.

  • Security features:

All transactions are encrypted, but Payoneer does not disclose specific encryption methods on its own site or provide any details on other safety features it uses.

Fee & Charges:


Payoneer is transparent about the costs of using their service, with charges being revealed on the website’s Fees page. Be cautioned there are a whole lot of complaints regarding hidden fees that you find buried in the fine print of your contract. Here’s a breakdown of the costs

  • Payments from 1 Payoneer account to another are free. If Payoneer is also used by your clients, this is a benefit.
  • Payments made using a local bank transfer incur a 0% fee if made in US dollars. Transfers in pounds or euros are free.
  • Payments made via eCheck also incur a 0% fee in US dollars.
  • Payments made by credit card incur a level 3.0percent processing fee.

These fees assume that there’s not any currency conversion. To withdraw funds to your neighborhood bank account from the Payoneer accounts, you will pay a flat $1.50 every time. You will pay as much as 2% over the speed for the conversion if you will need to convert funds that are withdrawn into the currency.

The company does not charge the majority. There is no monthly account fee and no account setup fee. You’ll need to pay an annual fee of $29.95 to your Payoneer MasterCard debit card, but this may be waived sometimes. While not disclosed, we have heard reports regarding an account inactivity fee.

If you don’t use your account whatsoever during that 33, which Payoneer charges on a monthly basis. It is still a while the fee does not seem to be high. There are undisclosed fees as well examine your contract terms and conditions. Notice that this includes the User Agreement presented to you which most people never bother to see.

Sales & Advertising Transparency:

Payoneer markets its services through its site, and it is a good one. The website is easy to navigate and contains links to a ton of information. There are some disclosures regarding the fees for using the payment solutions of Payoneer while a lot of what is presented is marketing fluff. Those disclosures are not complete, however, so before you register for an account, you want to examine the terms and conditions. The website also includes a decent quantity like lots of videos and an FAQ.

Check before continue:

Enrolling in a Payoneer account is accomplished on their site. Bear in mind there are disadvantages and benefits to doing so, while this has become an increasingly common practice in the payments industry. An internet signup process makes it faster and more easy to obtain an account and begin receiving or making payments.

Additionally, it spares you the trouble of dealing with sales representatives or having to negotiate your contract’s conditions. The process is so fast that without reviewing the terms and conditions contained in the user 35, people will click through every display and finalize their accounts. Like those accounts fees we mentioned, this may result in unpleasant surprises later on. We should remind you that it may take up to a month to get your Payoneer debit card until it arrives along with your ability will be limited.

The business also has a very active networking existence, with reports on Google +, and Facebook LinkedIn. Unfortunately, the Facebook page of the company does not allow customer testimonials. Payoneer has a channel, including dozens of videos, tutorials, and customer testimonials.

Customer Service & Technical Support:

Payoneer review

Payoneer includes a Support Center that is practical on its site which comprises FAQ and a comprehensive and detailed knowledge base for troubleshooting issues and answering questions. You will need to log into your Payoneer account to get the chat feature if you can not find the answer here.

Support via live chat is available in English, Spanish, or Russian. The option supports dozens of languages if you do not speak one of those languages. We’ve found many complaints alleging customer care, so we encourage you to provide a try before resorting to some of the support choices to the knowledgebase.

Negative Complaints & Negative Customers Reviews:

Payoneer has been licensed by the BBB since 2008, and now has an A+ score. The business has had 73 complaints over the previous three decades, of which 33 were registered within the previous twelve months. All BBB complaints are responded to by Payoneer but have resolved 30 of these. The BBB profile of the company includes twelve reviews, out of. There were no reviews.

We also found 20 complaints against Payoneer on Ripoff Report and much more on other consumer protection websites like Pissed Consumer. The majority of these reports are complaints against companies using Payoneer as not, and their payment assistance the company. We believe that the firm could do a better job of weeding out businesses and scammers while Payoneer is not accountable for the practices of retailers using its services. As things stand today, it is simply too simple for anybody to have a Payoneer account without background checks that are necessary to get merchant accounts or any of their credit.

Among these complaints, we have found several problems, including the following:

High prices:

Transactions can be performed either for free or for a cost that is low and while it’s free to open an account, Payoneer charges a whole lot of fees that are not disclosed on the website of the company. This includes the fee for the accounts receivable fee and your Payoneer debit card each month if the card is not used. We can not emphasize enough how important it is to review all terms and conditions thoroughly. These”hidden” fees are there, and you will need to understand them until you get amazed by your monthly invoice.

Frozen/withheld funds and canceled transactions:

If fraud is suspected, Payoneer will hold funds. A number of those transactions will be canceled and it is likely to have your account terminated without notice. Because their underwriters feel a pattern of activity. See our article How to Prevent Merchant Account Holds, Freezes, and Terminations for suggestions about the best way best to avoid having this happen to you.

Compromised private information resulting in fraud:

We found that a number of complaints alleging that the consumer’s account was hacked and used to create payments. Payoneer claims to use the latest encryption methods to safeguard users’ accounts but does not provide any information.

Poor customer support:

There were a lot of complaints concerning the quality of the customer service of Payoneer. The majority of these allegations seem to involve phone support. So it is disappointing to find that this sort of support has closed down in favor of conversation instead of address the issue.

Positive Testimonials & Reviews:

Payoneer devotes an entire section of its site. You will also find Payoneer Stories, which features 25 profiles of customers from all over the world using Payoneer receive and to send payments. These profiles are persuasive and comprehensive and paint an image of the corporation. We also found a few other comments scattered from those who used the service around the net.

We’d love to hear from you if you have had any experience using Payoneer. Please don’t hesitate to leave the review or a comment in the Remarks section below. Thanks!


At exactly the exact same time, if your company requires a merchant account that offers a payment gateway for clients to place and pays for orders and can handle large numbers of transactions, Payoneer won’t work for you. The business is not a great selection for businesses or people that have to get or to send a payment.

The added fees:

especially the accounts inactivity fee — will negate any savings you might otherwise enjoy within an actual pay-as-you-go service such as PayPal. The most important thing is that you should register for a Payoneer account also, and if you would like to use it each month in the event you save money. This figure represents a perfect business case that will not apply to users, although Payoneer claims that companies can save as much as 71 percent in fees over their opponents. You will want to take into account all costs in deciding whether Payoneer will save you cash.

In deciding whether Payoneer is ideal for your company, you should have a look. Buried in the fine print of the terms and conditions of the company is a clause prohibiting the use of Payoneer. This list includes the majority of the kinds of activities which are usually classified as insecure by payment processors. Unfortunately, using a process that is automated means that closed or these accounts are accepted only to have them suspended.

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