How To Monetize A Website with Less Traffic

Are you a publisher or online content creator? If you are looking at how to monetize a website with less traffic, then here are all about the ways with you can monetize your website with less traffic. Sometimes small publishers & bloggers fed up with the things that how they can monetize their less traffic. Because good third party ads platforms always ask for traffic and traffic location for account approval. No problem here in this article I will share all about, how to monetize your website with less traffic and make good money with less traffic.

If you are getting your most of the traffic from tier one countries then it will awesome for you. If you are not getting that kind of traffic then no worry I will share some alternative to monetize less traffic also.

How To Monetize A Website with Less Traffic:

There are many ways to monetize your traffic. In case you are using third-party ads on your blog like Google Adsense,, Taboola, Outbrain or any kind of affiliate ads and you are not getting a good amount here how you can deal with it. First of all, follow these steps mentioned below:

  • Understand your Audience:

It is very important to understand your audience. It can make you understand the new ways to monetize and make money with your blog. Let suppose you have a blog name and you are getting most of your traffic from US & Canada. You are using Affiliate ads that are from Amazon Affiliate. Now your most audience likes- fashion and clothes & you are promoting books on your blog. So it will decrease your affiliate revenue & Conversion as well.

But once you understand your audience and promote the same and relevant ads on your blog. It will increase your revenue and audience engagement as well because it is relevant to your audience’s interest.

Look at the queries put users in google reach your blog. Understand the key phrases and optimize your ads according to your audience.

  • Collect E-mail Address:

You can collect your user’s email address to get connect with them. You can send your email daily to your users and create a trust for your blog or brand. After that, you can promote your product with them and I am sure they buy the product as they trust you. Collecting your audience email may boost your sales up to 230% as other business says.

Best way to Monetize A Website with Less Traffic:

Here are the ways you can monetize your website traffic when you are not getting much traffic. But still with a small amount of traffic you can make good money. Here below are the ways you can monetize your less traffic.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

Online affiliate marketing is one of the most popular (not to mention fastest ) ways to make money from your website or blog.

Begin by finding a product you would recommend and like. Then on your website, you promote it to your website visitors and email subscribers and endorse the product. If the item or service resonates with these folks, they will click on your affiliate link, buying the product (while you get a split of the selling price).

The commission might be anywhere from 30 percent of the product or service cost, up to as high as 70%. By way of instance, if the split is 50% and you also promote an e-book that costs $100, you will get $50 for simply speaking the buyer. Pretty sweet deal, right?

If you are a beginner you can get started with- Click Bank, Max Bounty, ShareASales.

  • PPC Advertising:

With PPC, you can monetize your website also. But if you have less traffic as I mentioned above affiliate marketing will work better with it. Because PPC (Pay Per Click) needs more traffic to make more money & sometimes low CPC (Cost Per Click) will ruin your complete income.

AdSense is the reverse, allowing publishers to tap into the Google advertising network that ads can run.

The best thing about it is very easy and simple to the user interface.

As soon as you join, Google will put a code on your site which begins displaying advertisements that are relevant and will determine the content of your website. By way of instance, if your website is all about pets (cats & dogs ), Google AdSense will begin showing your customers advertisements for cat food, dog training, and much more.

You get paid every time someone clicks on the advertisement. (Yes, it is really that simple!)

Your cut may be anywhere from $0.50 to $5 per click. If your site has enough traffic, you can make hundreds (if not thousands of dollars) monthly.

Sell Your Own Digital Products:

You can also sell your own PDF & Digital products. For example, I have a blog about SEO & I am getting 500 traffic daily. I can sell a pdf that provides the best value for internet marketers and SEO. So people who interested in this, will buy the pdf and pay for it. You can make good money with it also while you have a small amount of traffic.

So selling your own digital product is also a good idea to make good money with a small amount of traffic.

  • Donations from Visitors:

You can simply add a donate button to your blog and you can receive donations from visitors. But in this case, you have to produce quality content and provide it to your audience for free without any ads. Your visitors will pay once they read your blog with a good experience.

You can use various payment methods for this. You can add this button with PayPal also or just you can signup with your local payment gateway provider.

  • Accept Sponsor Posts:

You can accept sponsor posts on your blog. Now a day people are paying a good amount like $10-200 for a sponsored post. You can add nofollow links to them also. This is one of the best ways to make money also. If you have a domain with good DA (Domain Authority) you can make money with sponsor posts also.

You have to add a sponsor post option to your blog. One people start to find it people will buy a sponsorship for your posts. You can charge them between $10-100 as per your domain authority.

  • Generate leads for Business:

You can generate leads for others. Yes, this is also the ultimate way to make money. Wait here I am going to explain complete things behind that. If you have traffic that is interested in online learning. You can generate leads for a business that provides online coaching services and online universities. They will pay a good amount for it. I did the same with one of my recent insurance blog. Insurance companies mostly paid $50-800 for single leads from USA & Canda.

  • Generate Email List:

You can generate an email list and sell it to business relevant to your niche. You can sell the email list or you can use to promote your own product like any digital product or premium content or any kind of private coaching. Trust me this kind of email list conversion ratio always be high. So if you use that data wisely then sure it will make a great profit for you.

With an email list from your blog, you can just retain your readers also. You can send them newsletters and create a good engagement for your blog.

  • E-Commerce Website:

Be remember, E-commerce SEO is not so easy as compared to normal SEO. But if you are willing to hard work you can start your eCommerce store. Make sure you have some unique idea that can stand you out from the crowd because there are thousands of eCommerce stores already present over the internet.

You can promote your eCommerce with Facebook & Google ads.


There are many ways to monetize your website to make money. Mostly I saw when someone creates their own website they always try to get AdSense approval and once they will not get AdSense approval they quite their blog & try to start new one. I think this is not good for the new bloggers as they get demotivated and quite soon. Actually, there are many ways you can make money online with your website even if you don’t have any kind of AdSense or third party ads approval. Affiliate and lead generation methods are paying more than Adsense. So why you are waiting for less only.

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