How To Get Followers On Tumblr – Complete Tumblr Guide

Are you looking for how to get followers on Tumblr? Here in this guide, I am going to share a complete strategy to get more followers on Tumblr plus my complete strategy to get 50k+ per month Tumblr follower. First of all, let me share some details about Tumblr.

Tumblr is also a blogging & microblogging platform like other social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn. However, Twitter allows you to post only limited numbers of the word but Tumblr focuses on the content so there is no word limit to post on Tumblr.

Tumblr was founded by David Karp & Now Tumblr is managed by Yahoo. Tumblr allows to post images, content, videos & much more option for like, share and comment & users can follow each other to get the latest updates from them. With 50 million visitors each month, marketers also target Tumblr to post their content.

how to get followers on Tumblr:

This is the dream of everyone to get more & more followers on Social Media. Currently, people using this platform to get traffic for their blog & website. Tumblr can help to get social signals and visitors to your website.

So in this guide, I will share with you complete detail about Tumblr marketing, & how to get followers on Tumblr? Trust me Tumblr is a very great social media platform to gain visitors and customers.

First of all, I am going to share how to create an account and blog on Tumblr? If you have already a blog with Tumblr you can skip this section.

Create an account with Tumblr:

You can easily create an account with Tumblr. Here is the step by step guide how to create an account with Tumblr:

  • Go to Tumblr official website –

  • Click on Get Started

  • Here you can find the option to enter your email, Password & user name.

  • Now enter your age & check on terms & conditions box.

  • Now solve the captcha

  • Choose your topic which you wanna follow. You have to choose the minimum 5 topics to proceed.

  • Now it’s almost done. You have to confirm your email. Check email and click on the link which one send by Tumblr.

  • Now you activate your account successfully. You can start posting and following users.

  • You can start posting with various options like text, images & infographics and much more.

So now you have an activated Tumblr account. You can start posting and following users. Now I am going to share how to get more followers on Tumblr?

Marketing Strategy to get more followers on Tumblr:

Here is the complete strategy to grab new and more followers on Tumblr. Follow this strategy to get more followers on Tumblr.

  • Complete Tumblr Profile:

First of all, don’t be like others. Now a day people use Tumblr to get backlink only. But if you wanna grow your followers & traffic to your website you have complete your Tumblr profile.

Edit your profile picture. You can replace it with your brand logo or you can upload your own profile photo. Upload a cover photo and description as well. Create some good quality of content so people know that you are an active user.

  • Follow another Popular account in your niche:

Follow popular accounts with your niche so that you will get an update from them and keep engage with their post by likes, comments. It’s easy to find popular accounts in your niche. Just check that blog, who are posting regularly & more post every day.

To get started just search the keywords in the search box.

How To Get Followers On Tumblr

You will get various options about blog and accounts which is related to your niche.

  • Repost your content:

Repost your content and any best content from another account in 2-3 times in a day. You set a specific amount of these posts to publish during different times of the day and may fill it with up to 300 articles.

In my view, your queue is fantastic for filling with loads of articles to reblog (reblog method to repost someone else’s content in your own Tumblr blog). And I just program my first stuff. That way I am always sharing articles, and that I will schedule my articles to post whenever I want and in peak times.

I experiment with reblogging anywhere from 1 — 50 posts a day.

For those 5 months, I did not log into my account, once I gained 8,000 followers, I had about 200 reblogs in my queue place to share 1 photo each day. And I was sharing any content that was original.

Typically the larger the more content grows you can post. Until you receive your followers, I don’t recommend sharing over 3-5 posts a day.

You can discover articles to reblog on the blogs by searching keywords in the search bar that you have followed, or by checking your dash feed out.

All you’ve got to do is hit on the button.

  • Use Hashtag:

Hashtags in Tumblr are keywords for your post that help to visible your post when someone search related the hashtag. They are very important for getting your articles seen by the user.

Hashtags that are popular, can be found by you by seeing what people are searching for?

Make sure you use tags that are popular and relevant to your market & related to the content you’re tagging. Just so you know only the first 20 tags that you use are actually searchable.

  • Maintain Quality & Quantity:

Make sure you follow your quality & quantity parameter to engage your audience in the right way. Do not post thousands of content with zero quality. Maintain your quality with quantity is always a matter for your Tumblr blog growth.

Start your posting journey with daily 3-5 posts to 40-50 posts. It will help you to understand how your content is working & how your readers are engaging with your content.

Do not post the same kind of content in a day. Just post some text posts, few image posts, few video posts & few content + image posts.

  • Follow other accounts:

The Golden Rule: Do follow others as you’d have others do follow you. The rule of Tumblr works the same way, if you follow the blogger’s meaning, they follow you. Search around Tumblr if you are considering posting a type of content and locate blogs that cover exactly the subject. You can do that by clicking on the Follow button at the upper-right corner of a site on the same subject, or by checking your”Recommended for You” sites and moving from there.

Conclusion- : How To Get Followers On Tumblr

Getting followers on tumblr is not so hard & also not so easy. With proper planning and strategies you can get massive number of followers with less time. Make sure posting regular content and creating content strategy is also a big deal to handle. Once you start posting on Tumblr, keep posting and try to increase number of Posts on Tumblr everyday.

Always complete your profile with proper details, logo image, URL, Description and hashtag so it will help users to find you easily on Tumblr. You can also follow above strategy so that your content works properly.

I hope this post will help you to get more followers on Tumblr. Follow us on Social Media to get latest update from us.

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