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Hey guys! I hope you all are doing good. Here today I am going to share about Flipkart Affiliate Program. How can you make money with Flipkart Affiliate Program with good commission? How can you choose the best promotion method for Flipkart Affiliate Program? So let’s get started.

Flipkart.com is one of India’s top online books and digital gadgets selling & many other kinds of stuff selling platform. You can say Flipkart is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in India. Flipkart was established in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, both alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. They worked for Amazon.com before stopping and founding their own business. They offer an affiliate program so you can make from selling their product through your affiliate link. For that, you ought to have a website or blog on which you can share a list of distinct products with your affiliate link.

Flipkart Affiliate Program:

Before sharing about further I am going to share here about what is Flipkart Affiliate Program? How it will help you to make your passive income.

Flipkart Affiliate Program is a terrific way for you to earn commissions by placing product banners or links on your site to refer customers to the Flipkart.com site. You may earn up whenever a user makes a purchase and clicks on the banner/link. You can also promote products with your Facebook profile or Pages, Instagram Pages & Paid Ads as well.

Refer visitors from your site to flipkart.com with a host of tools that are professionally designed. You earn money whenever people follow links from the site, to flipkart.com, and make the purchase(s). With the assortment of choices that the Affiliate program arms you with, you’ll discover numerous avenues to join your site with www.flipkart.com. Add content to spruce up and add value. The high-reward atmosphere for both parties makes which you can’t let go of.

How to Make Money with Flipkart Affiliate Program:

I also wanna clear here this is not any rich quick within a night scheme. You have to work hard for it to get your first sale. So keep patient and be ready for hard work. Within this article, I shared many things that can make your journey easy with Flipkart affiliate.

Here are a few steps you have to follow:

  • Create a Flipkart Affiliate Account:

To register for Flipkart.com affiliate accounts there’s a very simple procedure. Anyone can register and take advantage of this program and there’s absolutely no verification needed from your side on the blog or your site. Flipkart does care not or if you have any site. You may suggest their merchandise over mails and the books but avoid spam.

Process to sign up:


  • Fill there your details (Email ID, Password & Name)[Update: They are not accepting new signup. You can contact them directly to get an account. For promotion methods continue the post.]
  • Proceed for next details and fill your payment details if they ask how do you want to receive your payment.
  • Now your account is ready. You can choose your products and start selling them via Social Media, Forums, blog & paid ads.

How to choose the best products for Flipkart Affiliate Program:

Choosing the best product is depend on your Geo Location, Traffic Location, promotion methods and much more. If you want to promote it with forums & you have 100 health forums list. Then feel free to choose health-related products. I think you get my point. Don’t think about the product category. Think about your promotional method & if you are going to run ads then pick high commission paying products.

Promotion Method For Flipkart Affiliate Program:

Meanwhile, big businesses slowly became more aware of the measurable business potential of marketing and began to invest a growing number of focus effort and budget in their presence.

At precisely the exact same time (from the mid-2000s) search engines were evolving, getting increasingly smarter. Google began to favor brands in SERPs.

Websites underwent a transformation, and because of this, many private diary-style jobs (blogs) were dwarfed by company blogs with bigger readership and authority.

Sooner or later, Google started to downgrade affiliate sites that were obsolete and low-quality which didn’t follow SEO practices. This change perfectly illustrates the important need for adapting your product to your clients rather than the other way round.

Affiliate marketing is not dead; implement more mature and new advertising techniques in their activities and websites and entrepreneurs just needed to proceed.

You may be successful as an affiliate, it requires an excellent strategy and patterns that are embracing.

1. Coupons

Coupons used to be a player in the world of affiliate marketing for years.

An internet coupon company can be a profitable one. You can depend to allow your clients to receive a wonderful deal on a product that is certain and a discount deal. The best part is that so long as you help people save some money, they will keep coming back.

The essential part of this strategy is to share the best deals. You’re likely to get the trust of your audience if the commission is not likely to be the greatest and it is going to pay back.

Users will keep checking back with your site. You should be thinking here and go to your payoffs for a long term solution.

Coupons are easily submitted either to coupon and deals sites or your own coupon website that was dedicated. About a product, you also need to add some value in the shape of information Aside from coupons and operate on consumer interaction.

Therefore, be certain to add some options that allow your customers to get involved – comment in your own offer, rate your goods, join the community forum, etc.. And there are tools.

Coupon affiliate marketing has many advantages:

  • Primarily, you supply discounts, and it is always more than welcome.
  • Second, it is not heavy on the content so in case you don’t like writing long blog articles or copy this strategy may be a fantastic fit for you.
  • Thirdly, you do not need to adhere to a single market, but mix and match more.
  • Next, if you learn how to maintain quality and earn valuable traffic, then you are going to stand out as many coupons and bargain sites are spammy.

1 disadvantage is that rivalry can get extreme depending on the market and reliance on SEO. However, these two challenges are inherent to all marketing strategies that are online.

2. Use pay per click advertising (PPC)

It is possible to use advertising scale your own growth and to promote affiliate programs. Especially, promote YouTube videos or webinars and to increase your mailing lists, or even to direct searchers to the vendor site.

That is to say, pay-per-click advertising (PPC for short) is a method of leveraging search engines to drive highly targeted visitors usually to a specific landing page.

You won’t pay for placing your ad for clicks but on a search results page.

PPC is the act of buying and optimizing the ads for the phrases that are specified. As an example, when search engine users type specific keywords into the search bar – keywords you’re targeting – your advertisement pops up in one of many ad placements (places ) of the search results page in Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Since this station permits you to make sales 16, affiliates get hooked on PPC. But it takes some know-how (and funds) until you jump to this technique. So, how to use PPC advertising?

Be certain that you acquire the market in addition to understanding of PPC. Dive to a direction that is dedicated such as The Ultimate Guide, if you would like to hit the ground running.

You realize that it is not enough to outbid your opponents As soon as you dig deeper. Google favors the ones and assesses the quality of the advertisements. Ads that are creatively obviously generating clicks and are recorded higher.

Start Writing Reviews on Your Affiliate Blog

There is An affiliate site a superb place to begin your experience.

Why? Think about it.

On a daily basis, you use many tools as a marketer – and these aren’t only advertising tools or tools that are work-related. I bet there are lots of personal products you use daily, and, in principle, you could become a spokesperson for them and promote them as an affiliate (of course, if they have an affiliate program). So if you’re an affiliate marketing beginner, you can start with that.

Create a website and begin writing on your products and launch your opinion. Such a method of writing and publishing affiliate testimonials has been known as involved affiliate advertising by Pat Flynn.

According to Pat, this technique is the most successful since with is the seal of approval.

How to Think of a Great product review

Make sure it valuable and talks about a product that is given. It shouldn’t conceal any defects or flaws and should showcase its advantages. Coming up with enlightening, product reviews, and honest will raise your ability and win a loyal audience made up of you.

Needless to say, this has a responsibility that shouldn’t be dismissed. Loyalty is one of the factors for an affiliate marketer. You should add those affiliate products and affiliate links together in the ideal places inside your review.

On the other hand, if you rely on your reviews to push your affiliate income, then you want a good deal of traffic coming in the first location to your affiliate site.

By implementing SEO practices, maximize the outcomes of your affiliate site and make sure it ranks high in search engines.

The page may bring results satisfying based on the research volume for a specific term in the industry. Running a review blog may be time-consuming – it takes time to develop strong following a reputation, and large volumes of traffic that is organic.

That is why I would not call it a quick way to earn money online, but in the long term, for a determined individual who enjoys writing articles, it may generate a steady stream of passive income.

We can say that inspection writing as an online affiliate marketing technique is PPC’s reverse since in the latter the client might not even know you exist.

Aside from writing for a review site, you can run an affiliate site that talks about strategically selected topics targeting the ideal keywords and simply add the (related) affiliate links into it.

Then it is all about the content strategy if you choose to become this sort of blogger you decide to follow. You’re going to need to conduct keyword research which will allow you to detect content thoughts with traffic possible that are acceptable for affiliate products you’re currently attempting to market.

Creating a web site isn’t vital for affiliate marketing success though you’re a marketer.

Surprised? Well, do not be. Sure, it entails implementing sorts of affiliate marketing methods but it is not rocket science.

It takes three steps to succeed at affiliate marketing

  • Primarily, research the relevant 3rd party sites and sites and then contribute.
  • Second, become a community leader – article on Quora or Reddit and set your authority there.
  • Thirdly, fall in love with social media.

4. Leverage Email Marketing

You’ve heard that email is the most effective marketing channel nowadays? This fact makes it sensible to leverage email marketing on your affiliate strategy.


You may add a few calls if you own a site.

It may be a pub tied to the top of the homepage or your site. Anyone who visits your site, In this way and your website will see it.


Such a hello bar can encourage any advertising offer (ebook, report, worksheet, checklist, etc.) that will be sent to the user’s mailbox in exchange for the email address and title they supply.

Aside from the bar, you can set up a behavior-based triggered when the user is going to depart the tab.

There are other options available to increase your list. Add content updates at the end of your posts, or scroll box.

This way, you’re building the user base that you can use for updates or newsletters.

Ensure that your emails are relevant to their attention, engaging, and regular.

  • Use Webinars

Webinars are another affiliate marketing technique. They are getting more and more popular since they’re wonderful. Webinars permit you to reach your audience on a level that advertising, PPC, or content websites can’t match.

Consider this. Let’s say you want to purchase a product that is sophisticated. What would you want to do in order to understand usability and its functions? In the first scenario, you can read guides, product descriptions, and its documentation.

In the next scenario, you join a webinar and the server guides you through ways and all the benefits. You may ask and they get answered.

What sounds like a product introduction to you?

I would pick the second choice.

Webinars are a wonderful opportunity to educate your viewers about a single product in a user-friendly and interactive manner. You do not have to replace your content testimonials. Use them. Research demonstrates that webinars are an efficient means to boost conversions and – ultimately – your commissions.

What are a few basic principles of using webinars in affiliate marketing?

Before you begin live streaming that will assist you to get comfortable, To start with, you need to practice the art of the host. Prepare a summary with the points you want to include in a webinar and organize these points. You upload them to Youtube can create sneak peeks, and encourage them.

You could keep the movie on the website to share it once streaming is finished. In this manner, your job can snowball your income.

PS: We will not dive into this subject now. We are likely to share a guide on how best to use webinars for affiliate marketing so stay tuned!

Free Method to Promote Flipkart Affiliate Program:


So here I am sharing some free affiliate program promotion methods because of it is a part of this topic.

  • Social Media:

Perhaps among the tools used on the internet. It’s a tool and the effect it has is getting bigger every day. So as to market your affiliate products, you want to be media savvy. Liking them, sharing and writing blogs or posts about your goods are all effective methods of promoting your own services. You can create pages of accounts or bands for it, anything is possible. Keeping up with media can help your effort.

  • Organic Traffic:

Also just called SEO (it is not some company position for those who are confused) is an excellent tool to use when promoting products. It basically is a procedure which enables the visibility of a web site among search engines by using”organic or natural” searches. It can be quite productive in the future as you use white hat methods although this does not bring you results immediately. If you continue using procedures that are clean to direct traffic on your site you will reap its benefits.

  • Email Newsletter:

Offer your visitors the opportunity to be among your subscribers. This is a way for them to understand what the products are about. Sending out emails will give thoughts on what is all about or if there are any changes in addition to new products to them. Offer your readers the likes, promos, discounts and a few freebies as an incentive for enrolling. Not only can you send info that is great out, it keeps you. This will give you a grip in the future.

Conclusion: Flipkart Affiliate Program

There are lots of suggestions and strategies as you can see from the guide. If implemented are likely to create a stream of commissions.

1 thing is for certain – affiliate marketing program is a viable business model. You can not do it by implementing practices and obsolete 11, blindly.

Both larger and smaller publishers can coexist within this industry. If you keep an attitude towards search engine algorithm updates and marketing trends, do affiliate marketing your clients will love and you’re going to keep up with the changes.


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