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Best WordPress SEO Plugin that can help you to Rank High[2019]

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Hello Friends!! Finally, the wait is over and here is complete details of SEO for WordPress. There are many plugins for easy SEO in WordPress. Without wasting time I am going to share Best WordPress SEO Plugin in 2019.

Best WordPress SEO Plugin 2019:

I always recommend these plugin to use for SEO in WordPress sites or blog. According to me, these are the best WordPress SEO plugin in 2019. I am using these plugin from last 1 year so that’s why I am sharing my experience with you all.

A) WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.

B) All In One SEO.

Only know the name of the plugin is not enough. That’s why I am sharing my complete experience that how to use that plugin, which one is best. You will get all of your answer related to WordPress SEO plugins.

1. Yoast SEO (WordPress SEO Plugin):

Introducing Yoast SEO plugin one of the Best WordPress SEO plugins. It has powerful SEO features like main keyword targeting, meta description, check readability and SEO friendly content. So that’s can help you to do On-Page SEO easily.

How to Download and Install Yoast SEO PluginJust login to your WordPress dashboard and click on “Plugins” Option and click “add new”. In search box just Type “Yoast SEO”. After clicking enter you will get a lot of results but here you have to choose original one.

After Installation this plugin you have to activate that. So lets a look how to activate?

How to configure Yoast SEO (WordPress SEO Plugin):

  1. First Go to SEO and then Click on “Search Appearance”.


2. Go to General and choose your separator. Separator means search result separate your words and keywords in search engines.


3. Now Go to “content type” and choose your relevant option. Post if you want to Index your posts in Google search result then choose yes if don’t want then choose no. Also, you can choose and your search engine title template & Enable or disable date preview.


4. When someone searches your keyword and after that select image option only then Google will show your blog images also. When someone clicks on your image that will redirect your blog. But if you want to disable this one also you can disable from here.


5. In the taxonomies option, you can enable or disable your category Indexing. If you want to Index your category in search result you can enable here. If you want to show your tags also in search result you can enable here.


6. Archive option provides you rights to change your archive option.


7. Breadcrumbs provide you right to enable or disable breadcrumbs in your search result. If you don’t know what is breadcrumbs we will discuss it in our upcoming posts.


8. RSS option provides you complete right to change your RSS feed setting.


Why Yoast WordPress SEO plugin best:

Actually, Yoast SEO is using by million of blogger and user. It is friendly to use. You can do your on-page SEO without knowing any coding. Yoast SEO free version provides you complete rights to manage yours on page SEO. If you are using premium version then Yoast will provide some of another feature also.

Difference between Yoast SEO Free and Premium Version:

Yoast SEO Free Version

Rank For 1 Keyword

Premium 24*7 Support

No option for redirection 404 Not found link

Not any automatic Internal Linking Option

No custom social preview

Yoast SEO Paid Version

Rank for up to 5 keywords

No Support From Team Yoast

Redirect 404 Not found link

Automatic Internal Linking

Custom social preview

So these are the main features of premium and free Yoast SEO plugin. If you are a beginner then you can use free Yoast version. In free plugin there are also a lots of SEO options.

All In One SEO (WordPress SEO Plugin):

All in One SEO pack is also a great plugin for SEO. You can boost your SEO ranking using this plugin. You can download this plugin here. This plugin is downloaded more than 45+ million times and 3+ million active users. Its rating is also about 4.7 out of 5.

How to Install All in one SEO:

Once we log in our WordPress admin panel go to plugin option and search for All in one SEO plugin and Install then activate it. If you don’t want just click here and download All in one SEO plugin and choose upload plugin option and upload it.

Yoast SEO vs All in one SEO plugin:

Yes if we talk about which one is best then we can’t answer because of we can’t decide that which one is best? Both plugins have a lot of awesome features. We can do On-Page SEO easily with the help of these plugins. If you are user-friendly with Yoast SEO then you can use Yoast & if you are comfortable with All in one SEO plugin then you can go with all in one SEO.


Finally, we can say that in WordPress on page SEO is very easy. There are many SEO plugins that help us to do on page SEO optimization. Most popular and easy plugin is “SEO by Yoast” (Yoast SEO) and “All in One SEO”. You can easily install these plugins and easily use it with WordPress. So let’s stop to search plugins and you can use any one with free and paid version.

I hope you all like this post “Best WordPress SEO Plugin”. Don’t forget to share with your blogger colleagues.

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