Best Web Hosting in India – Top 7 Best web hosting providers in India

Peoples always searching for the best server and best web hosting. Web hosting quality and service are a very important and serious matter. Because if you choose any low-quality web hosting server then it never profitable for your business. You can say if your server is crashing several times a day or if your web hosting service can’t handle your website traffic anymore then it’s time to change your web hosting.

Today I am going to share Best web hosting in India which provides the best web hosting servers and best customer support as well.

If you are a blogger or you belong to any small business then you can understand how important to stay online your blog? If your blog or website crash many time then it may be directly effective on your:

Also, you may face much more problems if you have a web hosting issue. Here below I shared 7 awesome hosting that you can use to host your business website or blog. You never face any problem related to your site uptime. It may be in a month or in a 2-3 month you may face few problem-related server downtime but I think it’s not a serious issue.

It’s not easy to decide which web hosting provider is best or which is worst. There are also many bloggers and platform who provide paid reviews for those companies which can’t provide good service or support.

It’s an important fact if someone providing good services and best products you never need any paid reviews for your business because your users will provide you free reviews. So here are a few best hosting providers (According to my experience).

Best Web Hosting India (Indian Providers):

Best web hosting means best server up-time, Best customer service and much more technical support with that hosting provider company. Here I shared 7 best and excellent web hosting providers in India.

Note: This post is not sponsored by any company. I am sharing what I experienced in my 5-year blogging and digital marketing life.

Before sharing about the best web hosting, one more point I want clear in front of you all. I have already experienced with few web hosting provider companies like Go-daddy, Hostgator, Hosting Raja, Hostinger & Blue host. So I am going to share these companies also but as well I will add few more web hosting providers so it’s easy to choose any of them.

Top 7 providers for Best Web Hosting India:

Here is the top 7 best web hosting provider in India:

1. Hostgator:


Right now I am also a customer of Hostgator. Hostgator is the best web hosting provider in India. I am using HostGator for the last 2 years. As I say I am currently a Hostgator user that’s doesn’t mean I never face any problem with Hostgator. I never faced any problem with Hostgator. Yes!! I also faced a few problems with HostGator shared web hosting. I would like to share something about the HostGator service.

Actually once I forget to renew my Hostgator multi-domain web hosting. They terminate my account. The same day I purchased another hosting and that’s also from HostGator. When I ask about my previous site backup data HostGator team simply denied and asked to pay 5000/- INR (Something $80) to get backup files.

I shared everything that I totally forget that yesterday my hosting expired. Also, I didn’t check mail from the last 6-7 days.

But if we talk about HostGator plan and pricing then it’s amazing. Trust me they guys really provide you the cheap and best web hosting at this price. Their baby Linux shared hosting plan started with $1.5 (Something 99/- Indian Rupay) which is very cheap. Right now I am using HostGator multi-domain Linux hosting with 99.9% Server up-time.

Hostgator web hosting Pro’s:

  • More up-time as compare to another hosting provider.
  • Cheap price with the best US and Indian Server.
  • Various Payment Option Available.
  • Cloud & VPS also available At a cheap rate.

Hostgator web hosting Con’s:

  • Customer service is not so good.
  • Tough to get technical support from Hostgator technical team.
  • Domain is too much costly as compare to another domain registrar.

2. Godaddy:


Today everybody knows about Godaddy. World’s no 1 domain registrar company. It is true. As you know it is the best domain registrar company then you are wrong. With the best domain registrar, it is also the best hosting provider company. You can purchase hosting for your brand new blog or business. Here you can purchase domain and hosting in one place.

So you can say that it is a one-stop solution. Where you can buy web hosting for your business & blog website with a domain name on the same dashboard.

Many times it is tough to reach out to Godaddy Technical Support but if we talk about customer support then Godaddy provides you best customer support.

Godaddy also provides cheap web hosting in India. There are several plans that started from 99/- INR ($1.5) per month. You can buy Godaddy web hosting with 99.5% server up-time.

Godaddy web hosting Pro’s:

  • Best customer service.
  • Cheap web hosting Plans.
  • US & India Based server available.
  • Cheap Domain Available.

Godaddy web hosting Con’s:

  • Poor technical support.

3. BlueHost:


Bluehost is the best web hosting provider for WordPress websites. If you are using WordPress then you may like it. Bluehost customizes their server specially for WordPress hosting. They provide several plans as per your usage. Few plans are costly as compare then other hosting provider but Bluehost provide amazing support also. If your blogs are on WordPress then you can Bluehost hosting.

Bluehost provides you with limited bandwidth so before choosing any plan just check about your monthly visitor and then purchase any plan.

Bluehost web hosting Pro’s:

  • 99.9% Server uptime.
  • Best Customer Support.

Bluehost web hosting Con’s:

  • Limited bandwidth.
  • Costly plan compares then other providers.

4. Hosting Raja:

This is an Indian Based Hosting and domain provider company. Hosting Raja provides cheap and best web hosting for your blog and website. There are several plans available which you may use according to your usage and traffic. Once you purchase any basic plan from Hosting Raja you can upgrade at any time according to your usage.

Sometime Domains are too much costly as compare then other domain providers like Godaddy. But if we talk about hosting then also hosting Raja have the best web hosting services they provide. Their web hosting server uptime is about 99.4%.

Hosting Raja web hosting Pro’s:

  • Cheapest web hosting plan for blog & Business website.
  • No server downtime for more than 10 minutes.

Hosting Raja web hosting Con’s:

  • Customer service not so good as compare then Godaddy & Hostgator.
  • Shared hosting server can manage average traffic only.

5. Namecheap:

I think you also heard about this company. Namecheap provides you with cheap web hosting and domains for your blog & Business websites. With Good server uptime and customer service, they provide you with cheap web hosting. You can choose your plan which starts with 99/-INR ($ 1.49) per month. You can buy any plan according to your usage.

Namecheap provides you with shard windows hosting, Shared Linux hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) and much more.

Namecheap web hosting Pro’s:

  • Best and cheapest web hosting.
  • Free domain with the annual plan.

Namecheap web hosting Con’s:

  • Poor customer support.

6. InMotion Hosting:

Inmotion hosting is also the best hosting provider worldwide. They provide the best server for web hosting. Also, InMotion has the best WordPress hosting server. They provide a customized server for WordPress hosting with 99.9% server uptime. You may like InMotion WordPress hosting. You can check there hosting plan and pricing on their website.

InMotion provides 24*7 customer chat support and normal calls customer support.

InMotion web hosting Pro’s:

  • Best server with 99.9% uptime.
  • Best customer support.

InMotion web hosting Con’s:

  • Poor technical support.
  • Long waiting time for chat support but after connected successfully chat support they provide resolution.

7. Hostinger:

Hostinger is also the best web hosting provider company for shared and WordPress hosting. It provides cheap web hosting with quality customer services. Sometimes the server crashed but again I repeat sometimes and for a short time. Basic plans are started at $1 or 79/- INR (India) per month which is very cheap.

Hostinger web hosting Pro’s:

  • Quality Service.
  • Cheap Price.
  • Best Customer Support.

Hostinger web hosting Con’s:

  • Some time server crashed.


If you are a beginner in Blogging or if you started your own business recently then without hosting you can’t make any of your blog & website. Everyone wants the best web hosting at a cheap price. Basically, we can divide hosting in these categories:

  • Shared Hosting,
  • Cloud Hosting,
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server).

If you don’t have more traffic or your business is new then you can use Shared hosting because Shared hosting is cheap hosting for beginners. Shared hosting means on one server there are many website hosts. So you can’t use it as unlimited traffic. There are a bandwidth and traffic limit which are different from different providers.

If you have more then 10k daily traffic then you have to move on VPS and cloud server which is costliest then shared hosting. I always suggest that before purchase any of the web hosting services conform to their bandwidth, traffic capacity and everything about hosting & services they provide.

There is various hosting provider in the market. But before buy checks their customer services, support and server uptime. These things really matter for you. If your web hosting server uptime is not so good then you can’t rank properly in Google. Also, you lose your customers as well.

In this post, I shared about the top 7 web hosting India providers which provides you best customer service and server uptime. You can buy any of them.

Hopefully, this post helps you a lot to choose good web hosting. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.!!



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