Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020
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Are you a Digital Marketer and looking for Best Chrome Extensions that can help you to make your task easy and save your time also. In this post, I am going to share some most important and Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer which can save lots of time and make tasks easy for you.

Chrome is a popular web browser which is using by most Mobile phone and Laptop users. But there are no option available to use chrome extension in mobile phone. But mostly peoples are using chrome in their laptop and PC because of its interface and easy to use version.

Chrome Extensions are like a plugin or add-on which improves user experience and make it easy to use. You can save you lots of time while working with chrome if you know which and how you can use chrome extensions.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer

With the launch of Google Chrome in 2008, net browsers took a turn for the better. The Google Chrome browser introduced what are called extensions.

Google Chrome extensions are tools that are useful that you can add to expand the capabilities of the Google Chrome web browser. Extensions are supposed to enhance efficiency, productivity, and user experience. An extension by way of instance, Adblock, blocks ads. All of this and more are they are a part of the day digital marketing toolbox.

Now with the tens of thousands of Chrome extensions available, the question is, that chrome extensions are worth adding to your digital advertising stack?

Scrolling through the Chrome web store it’s easy to become overwhelmed. The variety of apps and extensions is intimidating.

That is why my colleagues and I put our heads together to record our 25 favorite Google Chrome extensions for digital advertising. These 25 Chrome extensions can add more value to your browsing experience and make your tasks easy.

  • Grammarly

Grammarly is a tool that’s designed to assist you to edit and polish your writing without the additional homework you might have had in high school.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

This tool checks every element of your writing, including spelling, grammar, and other problems that are common.

Their platform requires you to either write or copy/paste your words in their editor.

You’re given advice.

However, the extension for Chrome functions reaching some of the sites you use on a daily basis and giving you information within your email or blog post as you write it.

According to Marketers this is an amazing extension that helps a lot to identify even minor errors that you can’t identify normally. Personally, I always use Grammarly, especially at that time when I sending an email to my clients or team. Here is a video that will help you exactly how Grammarly works?

As a beginner you can use free Grammarly plan, and I think that’s enough for you. But sometimes if you think you should have paid a plan you can upgrade your Grammarly free plan to a paid plan & it will unlock more features for you to check your content grammar & errors while working.

  • MozBar For Chrome:

MozBar is also an awesome chrome extension for chrome. While browsing the Internet if you want to check any website authority & Link details you can get a quick overview with Moz For Chrome Extension.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

MozBar available at Official website and also chrome store. You can download it from chrome store for free and also you can create a free account.

After complete these all things now it’s ready to use. You can now use this chrome extension and check DA PA of any website while browsing the Internet.

  • SEMRush:

SEMRush is a tool for many marketers.

The whole platform is intended to give you a fast breakdown of your site’s search traffic and functionality on Google. You may see organic search, paid search traffic, and tons of other useful info regarding your site. Along with the extensions only add extra functionality to this useful tool.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

In actuality, you really get a two-for-one deal here.

Since there are two extensions you can use to get quick information on your site or a competitor’s. The first is known as SEMRush Page Rank, and it’s pretty straightforward.

It’s just one little button on top of your screen. However, the real value is in the amount it displays.

That amount, which resembles a standard notification, is really telling you how large the page is ranked based on SEMRush’s algorithms.

This means rather than launching SEMRush, typing in the URL, and then discovering that info by yourself, you get a fast readout of their authority and status of the webpage.

It saves you time and gives you useful information at a glance. But just like I promised, that is not all for SEMRush.

You may also use the Open in SEMRush tool to quickly bring up a complete rundown of the page you are on. So once more, SEMRush is saving you from having to start their application and type in a particular URL manually.

You’ll receive all the information you need in seconds, which keeps you organized and on track.

If you use SEMRush, have a crack at these extensions. You will wonder how you ever went without.

  • Oktopost:

For the social networking geeks of the world, I wish to introduce you to Oktopost.

While it especially focuses on B2B media management, the applications are available to anyone having a networking account for business.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

And the expansion only increases the value of what Oktopost has to give because it lets you share posts and articles directly from your browser.

The end result is that you get a tool for curation efforts and maintaining your posts that are societally relevant.

And it’s quite easy to use. You will see a menu that provides you a preview of how your post will appear when you discuss it. From there, you have to type in your caption and then post.

No more clicking through tabs trying to keep everything. Easy peasy.

  • BuzzSumo:

BuzzSumo is just another one of those tools that each and every marketer should know and adore. The site itself provides you a breakdown of bits of content function for industry or a particular topic. And the extension permits you to do exactly the same thing with just a couple clicks.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

As you can see above you may get information on any webpage you visit. Say you are checking out a post your competitor just shared. If you are using this tool, all you’ve got to do is open the extension and see what it has to say. You’ll find a readout of media participation page views, along with items like backlinks or stocks.

This can help you target your content plan and without hassle. So if you’re searching to find an advantage, this is the extension for you.

  • Evernote Web Clipper

Among the pieces of surfing is finding graph or a picture but not being able to have a screen capture. So if you’re looking for a tool which will help you do that, take a look at the Evernote Web Clipper. When you install this extension, all you are going to have to do to take a screenshot is open it up and let it work its magic.

Moreover, you can make simple edits such as callout boxes, or highlights, arrows to help your audience see what you want them to. And as you can see in the picture above, exactly the style I use is matched by the arrows.

That is because I use this tool on a regular basis. By saving pages you will never fumble with a different tool. You will have the ability to make imagery for your content with just a couple of straightforward steps.

  • LastPass

LastPass is a password manager which auto-fills in passwords for each the accounts you save with this expansion. You need to remember one password. This saves you time and increases the security of your information.

LastPass is a manager that is freemium that stores encrypted passwords on the internet. LastPass’ model comes with a web interface, but also includes plugins for web browsers and apps for smartphones. It also has support for bookmarklets. LogMeIn, Inc. acquired LastPass in October 2015.

  • HTTPS Everywhere

“HTTPS” is a website protocol which ensures that the site is secure before you visit it. And although you may recognize this label at the start of websites, it’s not quite ubiquitous across the net — nor does it ensure that the site you are browsing is 100% protected.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

HTTPS Everywhere, the expansion, rewrites the request you send to any website that you need to visit in Chrome so you can make certain your browser generates the version of the site. Read assured that your personal information is kept safe and malware doesn’t be caught by your computer while you’re online.

  • Click&Clean

If you downloading and searching work material it can be a tedious job. You don’t have enough time to keep clearing your cache and pulling your background page or download log.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

The Clean & Click extension for Chrome lets you clean your cache hunts, website cookies, and background with a click of a button in your browser toolbar. The extension may scan your pc and clean up your hard disk of fresh applications.

  • Checkbot

Checkbot joins SEO with contemporary security that will assist you examine both safe and optimized a website is for search engines. Because search engines like Google prioritize website security in addition to content quality in their ranks, this Chrome extension is a useful one-two punch for content creators and web developers.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

Checkbot can test the page rate, SEO, and security of over 250 URLs per domain and allow you to improve in these three classes to guard you and you website visitors from material.

  • Keyword Everywhere

On the lookout for a keyword research tool and sick of paying up to hundreds of dollars every month for SEO software?

You want to download the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension.

This is a must-have for any digital marketer, and it was absolutely priceless in that my search engine optimization travel for rank websites and creating traffic.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

It’s strong, accurate, and so convenient I can not believe it’s free.

If they began charging for this expansion, I would pay it’s so great.

Enough of me gassing it up, here is a quick Keywords Everywhere manual to optimize the effect of this plugin.

  • RiteTag

RiteTag shows you hashtags are doing on Twitter and Facebook before you post content. Once you log into RiteTag with your Twitter or Facebook credentials, it assesses the hashtags you start typing:

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

  • If your hashtag is green, it means the hashtag will aid your content to be seen today.
  • If your hashtag is blue, it means the hashtag will aid your content to be viewed over time.
  • If your hashtag is grey, you should pick a new hashtag since it has low levels of involvement.
  • If your hashtag is reddish, you should pick a new hashtag since it’s so popular, your articles will disappear in the crowd.
  • Page Analytics by Google

Google’s Page Analytics extension is a superb tool to understand the way your customers are interacting with your website.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

The tool provides you useful data like where your customers click and the amount of active visitors your website has in real-time.

It also shows your Google Analytics metrics that are usually such as Bounce Rate time on page and Pageviews, Unique Pageviews. Should you rely on Google Analytics for visitors stats, A must-have extension.

  • SEOquake

SEOquake is a Chrome extension by SEMrush which Reveals important metrics like Alexa Rank, Google Index, Bing Index, and Much More.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

The results reveal information whois traffic data, data, number of pages indexed, domain age, and Alexa rank.

  • Mangools SEO Extension

Mangools SEO Extension is an effective method to execute a fast search engine optimization analysis including authority and fashion metrics, backlink analysis, keyword search engine optimization data, and rank monitoring.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

You will essentially get the crucial data from their popular search engine optimization tools package (which includes KWFinder, SERPChecker, LinkMiner, and more) directly on your browser with the ability to utilize the tools anytime to get an in-depth analysis.

The extension has features that are available in Google SERP such as shortcuts and outcomes to analyze the profile and backlinks and context menu integrations.

  • Serpstat Plugin

Serpstat is an all-in-one search engine optimization platform for keyword research, rank monitoring, backlink analysis, site audit, and extensive competitor analysis.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

Serpstat provides a free extension which makes website analysis accessible in one click. The extension has three segments: Page analysis On-page search engine optimization parameters, and evaluation. There you will find data on your own domain name visibility, traffic, top 10 keywords your site ranks for meta tags, more, and meta tags.

Registration isn’t required by some reports. All you need is to install the plugin into your browser and begin the site analysis. With API token, users that are free can create up to one request every 5 minutes and 100 requests every day.

  • Ninja Outreach Lite

Ninja Outreach is strong blogger outreach and prospecting tool and its Chrome extension is a ‘lite’ version of this tool that you can use to extract exceptionally helpful website data.

The information includes name, place media follower counts address, Alexa rank, backlinks, page authority, domain authority and much more. It also adds prospecting and outreach capabilities to your web browser.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

The tools also displays links to key pages within a website like a contact, about, tools, reviews, infographics, etc., and offers email outreach templates that you can use from the extension itself.

  • LinkMiner

Broken link building is among the very best strategies to build traffic to your site. But, it’s also time-consuming and without the support of suitable tools, it may be an unrewarding job. Which is the reason you will need to use a tool such as LinkMiner to aid you in this endeavor.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

LinkMiner shows you meta information and social data for any link on a webpage and export those links from a webpage on a CSV file.

You could also use LinkMiner to learn the number of total or outside links are on the page you are viewing.

  • WooRank Chrome Extension

SEO & Website Analysis is a Chrome extension by WooRank that offers an in-depth search engine optimization report for any given website.
When you click on the WooRank extension, the tool opens an ideal menu with an search engine optimization analysis of this website covering stats like traffic estimations, traffic status, AdWords traffic, etc.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

It also gives on-page and off-site data like title, meta description, meta keywords, headings, text/HTML ratio, internal and external links, anchor text, etc.

  • Link Grabber

Link Grabber enables you to extracts links from a page and displays them in another tab. You may automatically block links.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

These links are clickable, and you may them.

  • Page Load Time

Site speed is a significant search engine optimization factor which affects your site’s rankings. If your visitors can not load a page quickly, more frequently than not, they will leave.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

Page Load Time steps the loading time of a specific page and displays it in the toolbar.

You can see whether any redirects are taking too long to load or if your server response time is too long. You may then use data obtained from the expansion to accelerate your site’s loading time.


There is a great deal of URL shorteners on the market, but is arguably the best among them.

The extension permits you to shorten URLs fast and even enables you to track stats like the number of clicks a link obtained.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

When you click on this expansion icon, it will offer you a URL to use that you can share from the popup window.

  • Google Analytics URL Builder

Google Analytics is an tool to track your website traffic.

The URL Builder extension is a useful add-on to quickly label the URLs that you need to be monitored in your Google Analytics campaigns.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

Click cart to use this extension. The application will then catch the URL of the page. Then you’ll have to complete a form including fields such as the origin, moderate, effort, etc..

The tool will autogenerate the URL As soon as you’ve filled the form. You can share this link that is labeled and monitor them using Google Analytics.

  • Redirect Path

Redirects Path are an important part of SEO. Redirect Course will show you all the redirects in the URL you entered into your closing URL.

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer in 2020

The expansion flags up 500 and 301, 302, 404 HTTP Status Codes in addition to client-side redirects like Javascript and Meta redirects, bringing problems that might not be observed.

The plugin also shows other HTTP Headers (such as server types and caching headers) and the host IP Address in the click of a button.

Conclusion: Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketer

Google Chrome remains a browser for internet users. The main reason is that it’s lightweight and has lots of extensions.

If you are not extracting the functionalities of extensions, then you lose your time doing tasks.

Begin with installing a few extensions. It only requires one”Add to Chrome” click.

And if you are already using Chrome extensions, I would like to hear from you. Have you ever used any of the 25 extensions to streamline your workflow? Or did I miss your favorite chrome extension which has assisted you?

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