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Best Camtasia Free Alternatives For Windows & Mac

Are you looking for best Camtasia free alternatives to record and edit your video?

So much popular activity for most of computer users is screen recording. Whether you’re online course maker, YouTube tutorials creators, or a software developer, you might choose to record your screen many times. While sometimes we just require a very simple screen recorder, there are many instances when we also have to edit the last recording, add some special effects and transitions, in addition to some background music also.

The most popular screen recorder used by several video creators is Camtasia Studio, or just Camtasia. I truly like this screen capture software. It makes easy to record video, add the effects, edit the timeframes.

Considering user experience that is fantastic and all the advantages, there’s one downside of Camtasia screen recorder. It’s really quite expensive if you would like to buy a license. It costs $249 for a single user, and you’ll need to add about $50 more if you want the protracted support and upgrade for the next edition.

You might have been asking the Web: what are a few of the best options to Camtasia Studio? Well, that is what I have been doing. After some research, I have compiled this list of 5 greatest screen recorder software which are like Camtasia.

Best Camtasia Free Alternatives in 2020:

Here below I shared the best Camtasia free alternatives in 2020 which you can use to create attractive videos for yourself.

  • Active Presenter

This screen recorder is more suited for tutorial creators. It has got all the features that enable you to create explainer videos. You can opt to hide or show a mouse cursor, add a highlight or make a zoom-out and zoom-in effect to attract the interest of your viewer.

Active Presenter is not like Camtasia, but it works just fine for many of video creators.


The Good News is you can use it if you do not need some of the features. This will enable you to decide if you would like it, and test the program.

If you found this is not good after reading below features scroll up and check our next best Camtasia free alternative for you.


  • Screen capture (with mouse click highlights and click audio )
  • Record custom area, special application, or the entire display
  • Import PowerPoint presentation
  • Export landscape as movie, MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint, HTML5 demonstration, YouTube video
  • Quizzes and other interactions (buttons, check-boxes, radio-buttons, timers…)
  • Animations
  • Cut, trim, copy and paste video fragments
  • Edit sound timeline
  • Add slides and pictures to the movie
  • Album webcam and display simultaneously
  • Record audio via mic or just any audio that is played with your PC right now
  • Zoom-in and outside, produce picture-in-picture
  • Text captions, figures, symbols, equations
  • Transitions
  • Text to address
  • Custom actions and factors
  • Custom scripts using JavaScript
  • Plenty of templates & responsive designs

Active Presenter is quite inexpensive, and if you would like to find a premium version that includes all of the features, you’ll have to pay only $199. This is less costly but check out some of the options below.

  • Bandicam Screen Recorder

Here is another program like Camtasia. Bandicam Screen Recorder does exactly what it says. It’s only easy and a very simple to use screen recorder. It does not include a video editor such as Camtasia does, if everything you need is to record a display but it matches.

Screen capture’s practice is easy, so there’s hardly any screen recorder that can conquer on the Bandicam here.


If you’re currently searching for a screen recorder that’s similar to Camtasia concerning video editing features, Bandicam may not be a good choice.

Another big drawback is it’s only available for windows.

Anyways, let’s see what Bandicam Screen Recorder has to offer:

  • Display recording (full screen or custom place )
  • Game recording
  • External apparatus recording (web-cam, Xbox, IPTV, Smartphone, etc..
  • Recording mic or any other audio device of your choice
  • Record around cursor (move the mouse, and get the area around it listed )
  • Image capture (snapshot)
  • Webcam overlay
  • Add a symbol into your movie
  • Text and picture layer during recording
  • Display fps in games
  • Display mouse position, highlight clicks and play mouse click audio
  • Schedule a recording for automatic start

There are standard features that are anticipated, but not capacities as you can see. Bandicam Screen Recorder is a screen capture application That said. You’re receiving the licenses for only $39. Are you able to find something cheaper?

You’ll have a watermark on every video and a limit of 10 minutes video recording, although you can try Bandicam at no cost.

  • Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

This editor is my favorite. Movavi Screen Recorder Studio provides a simple to use screen recorder together with a flexible and feature-rich video editor. You’re getting a few similar effects, transitions, and results. Naturally, the number of the effects differs, but most effects that are popular it is possible to see in Camtasia, are present in Movavi.


Best Addition to Movavi is an effects store. You could discover the impact that you want. A whole lot of included effects, background music clips are available for download with no extra price.

Let us see which attributes are available in Movavi Screen Recorder Studio:

  • Record the display, web-camera, microphone and PC audio
  • Edit your movies in a most professional manner possible
  • Add innovative filters (bluer, light escapes, retro) — over 100 + effects from shop
  • Classy looking shapes, stickers, and icons
  • Otherwise designed text overlays (such as the one on a screenshot above) — static and animated
  • Digital stabilization
  • 100+ alterations and more from the effects shop
  • Media library with royalty-free: wallpapers, music, sounds, video clips + more from the shop
  • Add as much as you need audio, video, and text tracks
  • Capture video from camcorder
  • Record keyboard shortcuts used throughout the display capture (great for tutorials)

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is cheap with the features it includes. You can get it for as cheap as $59.95.

  • Wondershare Filmora

This Camtasia like a screen recorder also comes with the editor is reached by a feature. It might remind you of Movavi to a certain extent. Filmora 9 contains an identical set of attributes. However, in my estimation, Fimlora provides somewhat more, but you decide for yourself.


What I can say for certain is Wondershare Filmora 9 beats on Camtasia on each side. So Camtasia would stand it provides special effects, transitions, animated text callouts videos and music.

Let us see What’s the set of attributes, offered by this screen capture and editor lawsuit with all the praises to Filmora 9 set up:

  • Record a display in Various measurements
  • Include the microphone and camera on your screencast
  • Make the most of professional video editor
  • Lots of effects and transitions
  • Royalty-free media included (videos, music, text overlays, emojis, shapes, and much more)
  • Improved Chroma Key to achieving more results with green display tool
  • Cut, paste, trim, delete fragments on deadline
  • Add multiple videos and audios
  • Arrange your track readily on a deadline
  • Zoom in and outside the deadline to have fine-grained control over each and every frame
  • Edit soundtrack (fad-in and outside, silence, volume controller )
  • Flip, rotate and scale any video clip or picture in the preview window
  • Effects shop to add a more unique look and texture to your recording
  • Cross-compatible jobs for Mac and Windows (just copy your project files to a different platform)

You will fall with Filmora in love when you find the pricing tag. It costs just $59.99 for one permit. Almost $200 less expensive than Camtasia.

  • CyberLink PowerDirector

Now, this is also the most amazing & best Camtasia alternatives. We’ll start with editor all-in-one and the screen recorder. CyberLink PowerDirector is among the most effective editors with screen recording capacity.

You’re not just getting a simple screen capture application, CyberLink gives you the professional editing experience. You are getting complete access to your timeline & tracks. You get a lot of special effects transitions, filters & other nice additions are present in this software.


1 drawback is for Mac users. CyberLink PowerDirector comes for Windows. If you’re a Windows user, lucky you.

Let us find out what attributes are there in CyberLink PowerDirector for you:

  • Screen recorder (full screen, custom place, lock to the app, gameplay recording)
  • Professional video editor (included only in PowerDirector, rather than present in Screen Recorder)
  • Record Mike and web-camera and external media device (camcorder, TV, etc.. )
  • Highlight mouse clicks (great for tutorials)
  • Record 120 fps movie (might result in a big document )
  • Start screen recording with audio fade-in, end with fade-out (mic sound)
  • Set a limit on a movie time and dimensions
  • Select which screen to use for recording (for multi-monitor workstations)
  • Flow to Twitch and Youtube (just with newest version of Screen Recorder 4)

If you’ve already begun to love the CyberLink PowerDirector, you’re going to enjoy it, even more, when you determine the cost of it begins only from $99.99. This is a good deal cheaper compared to Camtasia 249 for the support that is protracted.

Final Words: Camtasia Free Alternatives

There’s lots of software’s for creating a screen-capture of video software, and transitions. You will find examples besides these.

I will not be complaining to Camtasia. It’s a screen capture program of all times. The problem is $249 might not be a price for a lot of people.

The 5 like programs are those that I have been testing myself, and I truly enjoyed my experience. My favorite ones are Movavi & Filmora.


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